Basic Dog Groomers Equipment, Accessories and User Guides

Want to Know Which Equipment Professional Groomers Use?

Gone are the days when dog grooming equipment consisted of a brush, nowadays there is a host of products to make grooming easier.

The thing is; when you put dog grooming equipment into a search engine you will be bombarded with options so how do you sort out what you need. You know you need scissors, but do you really need a cologne that makes your pooch smell of the Italian coast?

Don’t worry we’ve done all the work for you and put together some reviews and user guides that will make choosing and using grooming equipment simpler.

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Whether you are a professional with your own salon, a mobile groomer or are just wanting to get started in home grooming, – pick the right kit, get tips on how to use it and your hound will be rocking his hair-do.

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