The UK’s Best Brush for Cockapoos in 2022

This is our review of the best brush for cockapoos in 2022.

Cockapoos are a breed of dog that requires high maintenance when it comes to grooming unless they have inherited the easier Cocker Spaniel coats, so finding the best Cockapoo brush will make the whole process easier and is pleasant for both dog and owner

In this article, we will be reviewing:

We will also examine:

  • Types of coat you can expect from a Cockapoo
  • Grooming a Cockapoo puppy
  • How to Groom a Cockapoo at Home
  • Grooming styles
  • What other tools you may need

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Our Best Brushes for Cockapoos

The countless selection of dog brushes for cockapoos can leave us feeling overwhelmed; there’s just so many to choose from. A cockapoo grooming kit typically consists of a slicker brush, metal combs are also great for matted hair, and perhaps even a soft bristle brush.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best-rated Cockapoo brushes and see what benefits they have.

The Doodle Brush – the Ultimate Brush for Labradoodles

Designed especially Cockapoo dogs and other poodle crosses, the long curved wire pins make light work of matted coats and doesn’t pull like most slicker brushes. When one side is clogged with hair, just switch to the other side, then remove hair with a comb after you’ve done.

This is a premium brush that the price reflects, but if you are looking for the best Cockapoo brush, this one ticks all the boxes.


  • Removes tangles
  • Perfect for curly coats
  • Designed for dog owners with poodle cross breeds


  • May be a bit pricey for some budgets

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Dematting Tool Removes Knots, Tangles and Matts – Small

Ideal for Cockapoos that have inherited the double coat of the Cocker Spaniel parent, the curved pins glide through your dog’s coat and remove dead hair from the undercoat much better than bristle brushes, The spinning stainless steel teeth tackle matted hair and tangles easily and the ergonomic handle makes it really easy to use.

Mikki is a trusted brand when it comes to grooming tools and going by the reviews; Cockapoo owners love how gentle this brush is on a dog’s skin and its effectiveness in keeping thick hair in tip-top condition.


  • Spinning stainless steel pins
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Can be used on puppies


  • Better on thicker double coats

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Thunderpaws Self Cleaning Pet Slicker Brush

Not all Cockapoos inherit the hypoallergenic dog coat of the poodle parent and this is where slicker brushes come into their own; with regular brushing, they can reduce shedding and leave a tangle-free shiny coat. This one uses self-cleaning technology, so no more pulling dead hair from the comb teeth with fingers.

The non-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip and after use, the bristles can be retracted until needed again. Like all Thunderpaws products, it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.


  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • This rake brush is gentle on a dog’s skin
  • Removes loose hair


  • Can be hard to reach tricky areas as quite large

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pecute Slicker Dog Brushes

Depending on your dog’s coat type, a slicker brush could be the answer to keeping their coat shiny and mat-free. Cockapoo dogs can have either a double or single coat and if they have a thicker double coat this option is fantastic for removing excess hair and tackling knots.

Boasting stainless steel prongs that glide through thick fur easily, the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable enough for everyday use and as you just need to push a button to get rid of the hair collected straight into the bin. Make sure you check for any sores or cuts before you start grooming, as the pins will hurt and don’t use too much pressure.


  • Ideal for removing loose hair
  • Soft grip handle
  • Self-cleaning slicker brush


  • May be too sharp for fine coats

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GROOM PROFESSIONAL Double-Sided Flexible Slicker

Perfect for curly hair or wavy coats, unlike traditional slicker brushes, this one is flexible, meaning it curves to your dog’s shape making the grooming process much more comfortable for your pet. There are two options a soft and firm version and the softer option is perfect for a Cockapoo’s hair.

Used daily, it will keep Fido’s fur tangle-free and help disperse natural oils leaving his coat soft, shiny and ready for cuddles. The ergonomic handle also makes the grooming routine more comfortable for the owner too and it is one of the few rake brushes recommended by professional groomers.


  • Softer bristles than many slicker brushes, ideal for a Cockapoo puppy
  • Flexible so great for hard to reach places
  • Groom Professional are a trusted brand


  • Some dogs just don’t like slicker brushes

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Ancol Ergo Double Sided Brush

This fantastic brush has a soft bristle brush on one side that you can use on a puppy coat or remove dirt and debris from the topcoat and a pin brush on the other for when the adult coat comes in. This can remove any loose hair and ensure tangles don’t become a problem

Cockapoo grooming not only ensures your dog’s coat is in prime condition, but it also helps maintain the natural oils to improve the condition of your dog’s skin and creates a bond. This great value for money brush is ideal for a cockapoo coat and is one of many grooming tools in the Ancol range


  • Fantastically priced brush for a Cockapoo
  • 2 in 1 Bristle brush and pin brush
  • Soft-touch handle


  • Some owners found the stainless steel pins a bit sharp.

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Pet Teezer, Small Detangling and Dog Grooming Brush

Anyone who owns a Cockapoo knows that they are prone to matted fur, so this brush is a godsend. The two-tiered technology means the longer prongs gently remove loose hair and dirt from the undercoat whilst the shorter ones tackle tangles and smooth the coat.

This cockapoo brush is effortless to use and clean; just remove the hair and rinse under the hot tap and the ergonomic design means no wrist strain no matter how long the grooming session.


  • Polymer bristles are gentle on your dog’s skin.
  • Regular brushing with the Pet Teezer can help prevent mats in your dog’s hair.
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Some customers have had mixed results with thick fur.

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Different types of Cockapoo Coats

A Cockapoo’s coat may vary from one pup to another as it depends on which parent’s coat type they have inherited; it may be a Poodle’s tight curly single coat, they may have wavy hair, or it could be the straighter double coat of the Cocker Spaniel.

The texture is usually soft and dense and dogs with a more Poodle type coat are often low shedding and classed as hypoallergenic; however, that doesn’t mean they are completely allergy-free; it just means they are less likely to cause a reaction.

Because of the differences in coat types choosing the best brush for Cockapoo pups can be confusing; generally, a slicker brush is used to remove tangles and a bristle brush can smooth the coat or fluff out curly hair.

Whatever coat type your Cockapoo has, they do benefit from regular trips to a professional groomer as unless they have a straight Cocker Spaniel coat, they are going to need groomed and trimmed to prevent them from becoming a matted mess.

Grooming a Cockapoo Puppy

Get Your Pup Used to Grooming Early

It’s essential to get your new puppy used to the grooming process as soon as possible, as they will need to be brushed regularly and possibly trimmed to keep their coat in “pawfect” condition. Start by rubbing your hands all over the body, lifting paws and checking ears to get them used to being handled.

Once they are happy with that, you can introduce grooming tools slowly; the best dog brush for cockapoo puppies is usually a bristle brush which can be used alongside a metal comb for tangles; bristle brushes are much softer than pin brushes which can make the process uncomfortable for your furbaby if too sharp.

Offer treats and praise profusely to make grooming a fun and pleasant experience.

If you have a pup with a flat double coat they have inherited from a Cocker Spaniel parent, they will at some point need a rake brush to remove dead skin, hair and debris from the undercoat, which will keep shedding to a minimum.

Always brush your pup in a safe and stress-free environment; you will be grooming your Cockapoo 2-3 times a week, so it’s important they see it as a positive experience.

Use the Correct Cockapoo Brush to Keep your Dog’s Coat from Matting

On most Poodle Crosses like the Cockapoo, a simple bristle brush just won’t cut it; you will need metal combs or a quality slicker brush to keep them tangle-free. Look for ones that have rounded tips and always check your pooch before using to make sure they have no cuts and sores as pin brushes will hurt them.

Often a professional groomer will use a metal comb or slicker brush before bathing to remove mats that get worse when they are wet and then a softer brush after trimming to fluff up the fur or smooth the silky Cocker Spaniel coat.

A Cockapoo grooming kit will probably contain a few types of brushes or a quality 2 sided option.

Grooming a Cockapoo at Home – Step by Step Guide How to Brush a Cockapoo

If you’re nervous about butchering your dog’s coat, it’s worth visiting a grooming parlour, where your dog can be pampered by a professional who will have all the right tools. However, with some patience and practice, Cockapoos can be groomed at home, saving you lots of money. Below is a handy guide to grooming your Cockapoo at home

  1. Remove tangles and knots before bathing with a good slicker brush; they will worsen if they get wet.
  2. Use the right shampoo; Cockapoos often have sensitive skin and can be prone to allergies and infections, so a good anti-bacterial shampoo is a great option. Use a natural shampoo with no nasty additives.
  3. Dry thoroughly; you can’t clip wet hair, so invest in a drying coat or dryer to ensure the fur is completely free of moisture.
  4. Clip or trim Fido in one of the styles listed above,
  5. Clean your Cockapoos ears; they can be prone to infections, so checking them and making sure they are squeaky clean is an essential part of the grooming routine.
  6. Trim Nails- Another important job is to ensure the claws don’t get too long, which can cause pain and discomfort.

Cockapoo Grooming Styles

Cockapoo Puppy Cut

The Cockapoo puppy haircut is the most popular style for Poodle crossbreeds; it’s cute and one of the simpler grooming styles at home. The hair is cut between 1.5-2 inches all over the body and groomers usually recommend that this cut is used until your puppy is a year old as it maintains the hair quality leaving it soft and easily maintained.

The Teddy Bear Cut

Like the puppy cut, this style involves the fur being trimmed to 2 inches all over, with the head being slightly longer and trimmed into a more rounded shape. If your pooch has a lot of hair around the face area, this is a great option to really make the area pop.

This video shows the transformation of a Cockapoo after being clipped in the teddy bear style.

Cocker Spaniel Cut

Whilst most of the styles for Cockapoos are based on Poodle do’s, this one is perfect for those who have more Spaniel genes. The hair around the face is kept short, but the rest is left to grow; it can be more maintenance than some styles as the hair is left longer, so you may wish to let a groomer take over the responsibility.

The Lamb Cut

Another popular Poodle style, this one requires the fur on the legs and ears to be left fluffier whilst the hair on the body is trimmed short; the hard part of this cut is to blend the areas seamlessly, so it is best left to a professional.

Other Grooming Tools to Consider

Metal Comb

Metal combs can be used to tackle tough tangles and are essential if you are using scissors to trim your pup; they can add definition to that stylish Cockapoo coat.

Detangling Spray

Conditioning sprays are a fantastic addition to any cockapoo grooming kit, making it much easier to remove knots and mats; many also smell lovely, leaving Fido tangle-free and cuddle ready.

Electric Clippers

You may have purchased the best Cockapoo brush available, but if you have a dog with a Poodle type coat, the long hair is going to need trimming too; you may decide to leave this to a grooming professional, although with a bit of practice and a good set of clippers you can do this at home.

Grooming Table

If you are trimming your pet at home, a grooming table is a great investment. It keeps your canine companion safe and secure during the grooming process, keeping them at the right height for the owner’s comfort too.

Nail Clippers or Grinders

A Cockapoos nails will probably need to be clipped unless they do a lot of pavement walking, so a pair of nail clippers or a grinder will be needed to keep their claws short and tidy.


An essential tool when looking after your dog’s coat, scissors are needed for the fur which grows between the paws, around the ears and face and they can be used to thin the feathering on the legs should your pooch have the coat of a Cocker Spaniel.

Ear Cleaner

Cockapoos are susceptible to ear problems, so it’s essential to clean them regularly to avoid issues like ear infections.


Whilst not essential, a dryer speeds up the grooming process and saves on that damp dog odour which often lingers if your dog has been towel dried.


Can you brush a wet Cockapoo?

It’s much easier to brush a Cockapoo when dry, but you could use a bath brush that will remove any loose or dead hair as you work in the shampoo and massaging the skin to improve blood circulation.

How often do Cockapoos need brushing?

It depends what coat type they have but 2-3 times a week should be sufficient unless you have a dog with really long curly hair, then daily brushing is required.

Can Cockapoos be shaved?

Grooming a matted cockapoo can be stressful for both dog and owner and in this case, shaving may be necessary. Still, in general, most doodle owners prefer to keep their dogs clipped in either the Cockapoo puppy cut or teddy bear style.

How much does it cost at the groomers for a Cockapoo?

Check out our how much does dog grooming cost, which will give you an idea of prices normally a Cockapoo will cost between £25 – £40

Conclusion and Top Pick

Owning a Cockapoo means you will have to groom your pooch regularly at home or visit the grooming parlour every couple of months, so what is the best cockapoo grooming brush? We think it’s the Doodle Brush, as it was designed specifically for Poodle crosses and is great at preventing tangles in your dog’s hair.

Whether you choose a self-cleaning slicker brush, a rake or a more gentle bristle option, the best brush for Cockapoo coats is one that is easy to use every day as you will need to keep on top of knots and mats that can so easily form.

This affectionate, playful breed is a joy to own, but you need to be prepared to spend time on their coats if you want them to look good.

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