Wahl Dog Clippers Review: The Best Trimmers to Buy?

This is our Wahl dog clippers review in 2022

Wahl dog grooming clippers are amongst the top brands when it comes to grooming and they provide a range of trimming products for both the home groomer and professionals.

Innovative technologies, a host of features and premium sharp cutting steel blades are standard when purchasing hair clippers from this company and you only have to read the reviews to see why they are so well-loved.

This Wahl dog clippers review will make it easier for you to tackle touch-ups and light clipping until your next groomers visit. Unless of course, you want to attend to all your dog’s grooming needs yourself. 

The best Wahl dog clippers offer professional design, are lightweight and have different speeds and excellent grip.

In this guide, we will be reviewing the following Wahl dog clippers:

We will also cover:

  • Wahl’s history
  • Why dog owners love the brand
  • How do they compare with other dog clippers reviewed

Our Wahl Dog Clipper Reviews

Quiet Heavy-Duty Electric Corded Dog Clipper

This Wahl Clipper comes with four comb attachments that are easily identifiable thanks to their colour code. 

This heavy-duty set also comes with a clipper brush, oil, a pair of scissors, a strong comb, and a five-year warranty. The clipper is corded to ensure continuous, steady power. It is also low-noise and easy to handle. 


  • Great five-year warranty
  • Everything in a complete set
  • Corded clipper gives consistent power


  • Set does not come with an English adaptor 

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Wahl Dog Clippers, Pro Series Lithium Dog Grooming Kit

Wahl lithium-ion pro series cordless dog clippers arrive at a very reasonable price, coming in at just over £ 50. 

The set comes complete with four comb attachments, scissors, a clipper brush, and oil. It is a cordless clipper with a lithium-ion battery and runs up to two hours on a full charge. It has a 15-minute charge option for emergency use, too!


  • Low-cost
  • Everything you need in a complete set
  • Adjustable taper lever


  • A cordless clipper kit isn’t great for all hair 

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WAHL Dog Clippers, Multi Cut Dog Cat Grooming Kit

This Wahl multi-cut pet clippers review shows this hair trimmer is one of their cheaper options but does not sacrifice quality! It comes in at just over £ 30 and is a strong, corded clipper. 

The set comes with four comb attachments, oil, a clipper brush, scissors, and a taper lever. It is only suitable for wiry and smooth and short coat types. 


  • Corded for extra power
  • Excellent price
  • Comes with oil and lots of combs


  • Only suitable for two coat types. 

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WAHL Performer Dog Clippers, Cordless Dog Grooming Kit, 

This Wahl Performer clipper is yet another one of their low-cost options, coming in at less than £30. The set comes with four comb attachments, a clipper brush, oil, and scissors. 

This particular Wahl pet trimmer is suitable for wiry, smooth and short, and long and silky coat types. It is a cordless clipper that is also low-noise, better for nervous dogs. It comes complete with a handy storage case.


  • Affordable purchase
  • Great for many types of animal hair
  • Very quiet running


  • Not the most powerful or consistent

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Wahl Pet Clippers, U-Clip Dog Grooming Kit 

This Dog clipper comes with eight comb attachments for variable cutting lengths ranging between 0.8 mm and 1.8 mm and they are colour coded for pet usage. It’s a robust and durable clipper with an array of accessories! 

The u clip dog clipper comes complete with a stainless steel comb, a clipper brush, blade oil and is an ergonomically shaped clipper body for optimal control for you and comfort for your dog. 

The durable u clipper is a corded clipper with a reliable, steady power source that cuts without pulling or leaving clipper tracks. 


  • Eight combs
  • Steady power – very reliable
  • Ergonomic for your hands


  • Only really suitable for dog breeds with fine and smooth coats

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WAHL Dog Clippers, SS Pro Premium Dog Grooming Kit

A professional-quality grooming dog clipper this corded pet grooming kit comes with a 2.5 m long cable for optimum steady and a reliable power source. Clipping dog hair is predictable and steady, as well as safe.

The SS pro-dog clipper set comes with four clipper attachments made of high carbon steel blades. The blades can also be easily removed for cleaning. In the set, you will also find a clipper brush and some oil. 


  • Very easy to detach blades
  • Durable professional clippers
  • Very long cable


  • Not the cheapest on the list

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Wahl Dog Clippers, Pocket Pro Trimmer for Pets

If you’re looking for a pocket trimmer this is one of the cheapest clippers that you will ever be able to find, especially from a named brand! 

It runs simply on a AA battery, and the complete set comes with two comb attachments, oil, a pouch, and a clipper brush. Perfect for touching up your pup before shows 

Due to its low amount of power, it is not suitable for thick, knotted or matted fur. 


  • Easy to carry
  • Convenient to use on the go
  • Very affordable


  • Very low power 

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About Wahl

Wahl dog grooming clippers have come a long way. In 1919, Wahl started life thanks to the creation of the first-ever motorised hair clipper. Since then, the Wahl company has become a household name.

If you have ever visited a professional dog groomer before, there’s an excellent chance they use a Wahl. Their pet clipper range offers superior cutting performance, stainless steel attachment combs, variable cutting lengths and low vibration clipper tech – great for noise-sensitive dogs. Plus Wahl lithium ion dog clippers boast the best rechargeable battery technology around. 

If you’d use a Wahl main powered clipper on your own hair, you’d certainly want to buy the best Wahl dog clipper kit for your pup.

What Pet Owners Love about Wahl Professional Dog Clippers

Dog owners love Wahl for their innovation. From tougher cordless cutting to snazzy, innovative coloured combs, a Wahl pet clipper kit will withstand years of complex dog hairdressing needs.

Pet owners love that most Wahl pet technology arrives with variable clipping length and attachment guide combs as standard. The simplicity and sheer power in their technology, too, is really appealing!

For short coats, cordless operation clippers from Wahl provide efficient, fuss-free cutting. A corded pet clipper kit from Wahl, will help you get through the thickest of pet’s fur and the Wahl lithium pro dog clippers have the longest battery life. 

How Wahl Compare with their Competitors

Many people will often see Wahl, Oster and Andis clippers in the same league. The difference with a Wahl pet clipper kit is that you know you will always get a simple yet powerful clipper system.

The best Wahl dog and pet clipper kits also think carefully about what else you need. Wahl often makes blade oil, blade guard fittings and combs available out of the same box.


Are Wahl clippers the best?

There’s plenty of competition, but Wahl clippers are regarded as some of the best clippers for humans and pets available especially the Wahl lithium pro dog clippers

Can I use Wahl human hair clippers on my dog?

You should never use our clippers on dogs, as they are not sharp or powerful enough to properly shave a dog.

Are corded or cordless clippers better?

Corded clippers are better for professional use as they supply a regular and steady power source to complete the job at hand. However the Wahl lithium ion pro series dog clipper kit has a great battery life. 

Final Thoughts

Wahl is a well-known brand in animal and human grooming for a reason. As you can see, they have a wide range of products, each specified for a particular use depending on an animal’s coat type, breed, and special requirements (low noise, shorter blade, etc.).  Good grooming is essential for your dog- and Wahl will help you achieve it.

Our favourite in this Wahl clippers review is the Pet-Pro, the best Wahl dog clipping kit for everything you need right out of the box. With four attachment combs, this corded clipper smoothly moves across a variety of pet fur without a fuss. It’s worth every penny!


Donna Hepburn

Published author, content writer and qualified dog behaviourist I have owned dogs all my life from Boxers, Rottweilers and Akitas, to Staffies and currently a very demanding Frenchie who is harder work than all the others put together.

I had a collar making business for over 10 years and am involved with several doggy charities. I currently live in the northeast and when I am not writing about dogs I enjoy, travelling, cooking and reading.

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