The UK’s Best Dog Clippers for Poodles in 2022

This is our review of the best dog clippers for Poodles in 2022

If you’re a poodle-owner, you know how frustrating grooming their coat can be. The hair is so thick and prone to tangles that it can take hours to get your pup looking good as new.

Luckily, we at the Well Groomed Dogs have found 10 of the best dog clipper sets for poodles! These clippers make maintenance a breeze with their high-powered motors and adjustable blades.

So whether you want to keep things short or go long, these are some of the best options out there for keeping your poodle looking fabulous all year round.

Our Best Clippers for Poodles

We will also look at:

  • Does a Poodle coat need clipping
  • What to look for when choosing clippers for Poodles and Poodle mixes
  • Cordless V corded clippers
  • How to Groom a Poodle at home
  • Different types of cuts for Poodles

You might not feel confident enough to give your pooch a full-on show cut, but remember hair grows back, so why not give it a try, invest in some of the best Poodle dog clippers and unleash your inner Vidal Sassoon!

The 10 Best Dog Clippers for Poodles Reviewed

Poodles are well-known for having particularly thick and fluffy coats, which is why many dog owners tend to get the professional groomer on standby when they need a trim! However, some of the best dog clippers on the market are great for clipping your poodles at home.

In this guide, we’ve hunted down some fantastic, heavy-duty poodle grooming clippers that will help you get their coat looking prim and proper in no time.

You don’t need professional dog clippers to get a poodle looking great, just a great brand and some know-how.

WAHL Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit

Great for a poodle’s coat that is particularly thick and fluffy, this Wahl pro grooming kit is ideal if you’re struggling with the snags.

This dog clipper kit boasts more torque than the average, which means you can smoothly slide the clipper through poodle fur with extra comfort.

These poodle clippers are also designed to be extra quiet and therefore ideal for an anxious pups coat. The blades are also made of a high carbon blend, which means they will stay sharper for longer.


  • Extra sharp cutting
  • 30% extra torque


  • Maybe a little expensive for some.

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Andis Ultraedge AGC Super 2 Speed Brushless Clipper

This Andis brushless clipper aims to give your dog’s coat the same experience they’d get at a professional pet groomer. We all know that poodle hair can be a nuisance – and this two-speed system provides a motor that’s more efficient than most clippers. You can easily change the detachable blades for cleaning and getting out that thick hair.

This smart, ergonomic set of poodle dog clippers is nice and easy to handle, soft on the hand and low-intensity for long trimming periods. It’s a set of corded clippers with a long reach.


  • Two speeds available
  • Innovative brushless motor
  • Long cable


  • Again – a premium price.

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 Bonve Pet Dog Clippers

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on grooming poodles but want to make sure that every grooming session goes nice and calmly, this budget dog clipper is likely to be a good choice. It’s a cordless poodle clipper with a ceramic blade, six comb attachments, and a separate stainless steel comb.

This is a long-lasting dog clipper great for poodles and poodle mixes, particularly as it copes well with a thick hair coat and makes little in the way of noise.


  • Low noise
  • Lasts a while
  • Easy to use


  • Not as well-made as others

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OMORC Dog Clippers with Strong Power for Thick Coats 

A little more expensive but just as appealing is the OMORC clippers, great for poodles thanks to their heavy-duty build.

It also comes with different lengths of attachments to help you tackle matted hair and the thickest areas of your poodle’s coat. It boasts clipper blades made from carbon steel, meaning you’re guaranteed a great cut no matter how often you use it.

Built-in an r-shape, this great dog clipper is designed to avoid hurting your poodle during use, and it’s also designed to help your hands too.


  • Protects you and your dog
  • Impressive at cutting thick hair
  • Lots of accessories


  • Not a household brand

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Masterclip Ultimate Dog Clipper Set

This all-around dog clipper is reportedly great for breeds of all shapes and sizes. However, we think it’s a particularly solid pair of poodle clippers thanks to its super-tough steel blade.

You’ll also benefit from two speeds of cutting and three attachments for different lengths of fur.

Poodle owners will also benefit from a sleek design and a full tooth blade, with an extra 25% in cutting power over the average. It’s an impressive pet clipper for the price.


  • Great with thick fur
  • Good for show cuts


  • Can get quite hot after short use

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Oster Pro 3000i Pet Cordless Clipper

Oster’s Pro 3000i is a seriously premium poodle grooming option, providing long-lasting cordless action and a light, ergonomic handle. Operating at a single speed, it is swifter than many dog clippers for poodles, and with two hours per charge, you can keep going through a curly coat for quite some time.

This clipper will work with other A5 combs and blades, making it a versatile choice for pet owners. Simple to wield and ideal for a fussy poodles coat, you just need to make sure you have the money!


  • Lots of battery life
  • Works with different Oster blades
  • Comfortable for poodle and owner


  • Very expensive

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Wicked Tangle Professional Clippers For Dogs

This set of poodle dog clippers is one of the best-value on our list, providing an impressive three speeds of careful trimming for less than £40.

High power functionality here means it will be easier than you think to trim your poodle’s fur carefully. As a discerning poodle-owner, you may also like the fact that this is an exceptionally quiet clipper!

Easy to charge via USB and arriving with a couple of combs to fit, this is one of the best dog clippers for a poodle based on basic functionality.


  • Very well priced
  • Powerful enough to tackle super thick pet hair
  • Very quiet running


  • Limited attachments

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Cordless Pet Grooming Clippers & Complete Set of Dog Grooming Tools. Low Noise & Suitable for Dogs

Offering titanium blades, scissors, and a whisper-quiet functionality, Pet Union’s professional groomer kit is likely to go down well with most poodle owners, if not pet owners in general. The combs are gently shaped to follow the natural curves of your poodle, allowing for zero pulls and snags.

This clipper provides low vibration, making for calmer grooming sessions, as well as a long-life battery. This robust and durable clipper is also very comfortable to hold and use during longer grooming sessions.


  • Designed to be kind to skin
  • Extra tough blades
  • Very quiet running


  • May get clogged up a bit.

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Professional Dog Grooming Clippers 

This interesting-looking set of dog clippers for poodles offers an insulated handle with a system that’s built to reduce heat for both you and your dog. With speed adjustable up to 6000 RPM, trimming poodles has never been more efficient.

This corded clipper also arrives with combs, though the manufacturer advises going without them when trimming thick fur.

Providing you remember to break out the clipper oil with each session, this pet clipper may do well for most dog breeds.


  • Insulated handle
  • Very quick


  • Needs lubricating a lot

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Everesta Dog Clippers

This cordless set of dog clippers for poodles comes with a titanium blade, and low vibration built into the design.

Precision combs here are easy to adjust, and the battery on-board is very easy to charge up and hit the ground running with. It’s great for cutting through nuisance poodle hair, and it’s pretty quiet to boot.

This professional grooming set arrives at a low cost and a long life per charge – great if you need cordless dog clippers that are kind and budget-friendly.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to fine-tune
  • Built to reduce noise


  • Not a known brand

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Wahl Dog Clippers, Pro Series Lithium Dog Grooming Kit

Back to Wahl – these cordless clippers are smart, light, and are designed for smooth and wiry coats. Therefore, while they might not be the best dog clippers for poodles with very thick coats, this set should cope well with some of the more complex contouring of your dog’s hair.

Quick-charge functionality and taper lever tech make for one of the best dog grooming clippers on our list for sheer ease of use. Clipping dog hair can also go on for longer with an amazing two hours’ use per charge.


  • Great for complex fur
  • Very easy to handle
  • Quick to charge


  • Not great on thicker coats

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

VOVO Dog Clippers Professional 3-Speed

This well-priced set of clippers comes with an adjustable set of combs, up to four hours’ trimming time, and low noise built into the design. 33 teeth in the blade will be more than enough to cope with some of the complex fur poodles and poodle crosses are known to throw at us!

The precision motor built into this model is ideal for gently trimming through fur, keeping your poodle calm while making progress. Blades are easy to remove and clean, too.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Lots of battery life
  • Low noise


  • Maybe better choices are available 

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Do Poodles Need to be Clipped?

Yes – your poodles coat will always need regular clipping. Even if you don’t intend on taking your pet to a show, it’s a good idea to invest in the best dog clippers and Poodle grooming scissors available to you. Poodle fur is infamously dense and complex to work through. What’s more, leaving a poodle’s fur to persist can lead to painful tangles.

Again, you don’t need to worry about show cuts. It’s easy to assume that all poodles need a spectacularly fancy hairdo – that’s more for the professional groomers to worry about! A good set of dog clipper blades and a gentle, straightforward trim will be more than enough to relieve your pet of nuisance tangles and potential overheating in a thick coat.

That’s why finding the best dog clippers for poodles – and learning how to use them properly – makes perfect sense. If you’re ever worried about trimming your poodle, you should always ask veterinary advice.

What to Look for in the Best Poodle Grooming Kit

High-Quality Build

As mentioned, poodle fur is infamously tricky to handle at times. That’s why any professional dog groomer will tell you to look for a robust, long-lasting dog clipper that’s going to weather years of use.

By high quality, we also mean you should look at whether or not blades are likely to need a lot of oil, if there’s a blade guard in place, and how likely it is that your clipper will overheat.

Quality clippers will be relatively easy to spot – they don’t go overboard on the features, but they should offer a lot of power when it comes to poodles.

Blade Sharpness

The sharper the blade, the less you will need to worry about honing them again and again. Good quality titanium or stainless steel blades should persist fairly well on their own. However, you may find that even top dog clippers still need taking apart and sharpening up now and again.

Whether or not your pet clipper has a detachable blade or adjustable blades, it needs to be sharp enough to cut through fur without pulling or snagging gently. That’s not always easy to tell from how a clipper looks, so make sure to read buyer reviews to learn more.

Quiet Running

Poodles can be quite a sensitive breed. Therefore, the best dog clipper for your pup is likely to have a focus on quiet running. This tends to be the standard for all high-quality dog clippers these days, so you shouldn’t have too much of a hassle finding a pet clipper running at lower than 50db.

The less noise your clipper makes, the less anxious you are likely to make your poodle. As well as having cooling spray to hand to help reduce heat, you should also be conscious of loud or even sudden noises.

Combs Provided

While many poodles will have very thick or dense coat as per their breed, you may wish to look for combs to clip on and off your trimmer so that you can style your pet. If you want to give your poodle an authentic style from home, you should look for adjustable blades and stainless steel attachment combs.

Combs should not only arrive with your clipper but should also be easy to pop on and off whenever you wish. Detachable blades are one thing – but combs really do make things easy when you have to muddle through uneven hair.

Ergonomic Design

A grooming session with a poodle isn’t always going to be a swift endeavour. It’ll likely take you time to get your pet comfortable, and what’s more, that dense fur is going to need a gentle touch.

That means you can’t just charge in and expect your pup to look fantastic in no time flat. So, you’ll need ergonomic cordless clippers that are gentle on your hands, too.

This means you won’t have to worry about your palms and wrists getting tired along the way. Fatigue could also put your poodle at risk, as if you accidentally slip, shaving poodle fur, you could hurt them.

Corded V Cordless Clippers

A cordless clipper or a corded model – which do you choose? In our collective opinion, the quality of the blade and the comfort level for your pet are more important than whether or not there is a cable. However, cordless clippers tend to be the easiest to manage, the safest for you and your poodle, and come with fewer restrictions.

The best cordless clippers depend on battery life – however, you don’t want to be subjecting your poodle to a hot trim for too long. One or two hours of battery are great for quick trims, but three hours tends to be the sweet spot.

Grooming a Poodle at Home

It’s absolutely possible for you to start trimming and grooming a poodle at home. While the pros tend to be the best at getting those super fancy cuts we’ve all seen at shows, there’s no reason why you can’t keep their fur-trimmed neatly with a great clipper.

However, you’ll need more than a clipper alone. Poodles need a host of other tools and pieces that you can use to ensure the best results. These aren’t just great for keeping them calm and helping them look great. They’ll help reduce your fatigue and will even make sure you get the job done quicker.

Tools you’ll Need

Scissors / Shears

For those little bits and pieces that you just can’t reach with a clipper, you’ll need a gentle, safe pair of scissors. For example, it’s not always easy to get to a poodle’s face with a clipper or blade. Never look for anything too sharp.

This is a great scissoring tutorial

A Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is a brilliant tool that you’ll need to run through your poodle with to get rid of any nasty knots or bits and pieces that a shaver can’t touch. One of the best ways to avoid snags while clipping is to brush through the fur first, getting rid of those clumps.

Dog Hair Dryer

Dog hair dryers are a must for getting your pup ready for clipping. Your poodle will likely need a quick bath or shampoo before grooming, so make sure to dry them off evenly before you take anything electric to them, too. Make sure you invest in a hairdryer that’s built for dogs – not humans!

Grooming Table

Grooming tables aren’t always necessary, but if you struggle to keep your poodle from wriggling and don’t really have anywhere suitable to hold them during a trim, then this might just be your ideal purchase. They are also great for making sure your pup is completely safe during the trim too.

Blade Oil

Blade oil isn’t something you’ll always need, but some clippers are more likely to need lubricating than others. It is just as well to have some oil to hand so you can make sure your clipper and its detachable blade are good to go ASAP. It’s always good to clean down and oil your blades regularly.

Cleaning Brush

Again, a cleaning brush isn’t a necessity, but it’s great to have to hand to get any unwanted clumps out of your clipper or blades, should they arise. Again, this is an absolutely essential piece of kit you’ll want to keep with you when you sharpen and oil blades.

Different Poodle Cuts

The Continental Cut

The Continental cut is one of the best-known trims that you’ll find poodles sporting on the competition circuit. The body and legs are shaved, leaving hair around the upper body, feet and tail.

The Lion Cut

The Lion Cut is absolutely majestic – it’s very over the top, but it’s likely to be one you’ll see a lot at shows. The Lion Cut does exactly what it says in the name – the limbs are shaven, but your poodle benefits from an impressive mane and pom-poms on the feet and tail.

The Modern Cut

The Modern Cut is a little thicker than most, but it tends to be preferred by most poodle and cross owners nowadays for its effortless style and natural aesthetic. It tends to shape the dog well, and while some feel it is a little over the top, it’s hard to ignore.

The Short Cut

Poodles with a Short Cut don’t tend to sport any fancy manes or pom-poms. Short-haired poodles aren’t always so rare as this tends to be a kind option for them when the weather starts to get warm. Conversely, it’s not the best cut if you’re heading into autumn.

The Teddy Cut

What can you really say about the Teddy Cut? This is a mid-length style that can cause a double-take – you’ll need to carefully trim a poodle to get this aesthetic, and it’s going to take scissors – as well as all the patience you can muster along the way!


What grooming tools do I need?

Applying grooming techniques that are specially crafted for your dog’s breed

Overtime grooming will appropriately smooth out the coat, remove mats and loose hair.

With these 3 grooming tools, you have all the essentials for grooming your poodle

  • Clipper or grooming shears
  • Comb or slicker brush

Thinning scissors to remove excess fur

How long should I groom my dog?

The grooming length varies by the thickness of fur; woollier breeds or individuals may want grooming sessions to be longer than that needed for a single-coated, sleek spaniel breed-group.

Why is grooming important to dogs health and appearance?

Grooming is essential with dogs to keep their coat healthy.

Grooming your pooch is doubly important if you have a shorter, finer type of fur like a Poodle. Professional grooming tools will help make this process easier and faster. Doing so will not only make grooming days more enjoyable for both you and your pup but also keeps them looking fantastic!

Yes motorised grooming clippers will work for poodles

Grooming a dog with a clipper is different from just grooming it with scissors.

You’ll need to learn the proper number of strokes per canine strip, and you’ll also often use longer strokes that run parallel to the contours of the dog’s body.

With scissors, you’re generally doing shorter cuts in increments – but either way they’re both equally important.

You might like to start grooming your pet every day or every other day when they are ready for grooming (this ensures they can build up an immunity against any irritants in grooming products) until brushing once a week is sufficient, this might take two weeks

How do I stop my poodle from becoming matted?

There’s one way to stop matting in your poodle – and that’s regular brushing. As mentioned, a slicker brush is a fantastic option if you want to get tough knots out of your pup’s fur. It’s ideal even outside of clipping regimes.

What blade do you use to clip a poodle?

For a nice, clean look for your poodle, you should ideally sway towards a number 10 comb or blade, though some looks and cuts may demand 5s and 7s. Therefore, it’s good to arm yourself with all three depending on the look you’re after!

What cut should a toy poodle have?

Toy poodles tend to benefit most from puppy cuts, which are very short cuts with pom-pom tails. These tend to be adorable looks on the whole, and as such, they are recommended if you’re looking for a charming aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

Trimming and clipping a poodle doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Yes, if you want to achieve fancier looks, you should go immediately to a professional groomer. However, a great pair of Andis dog clippers, for example, should more than suffice if you simply want to get your pet looking its best without any of the extra fuss en route.

For our money, the absolute best pair of clippers for poodles in the list above is the WAHL Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit. It’s a superb all-around option that’s well-made, keeps things quiet, and won’t cost you the earth. This clipper is top of the pack for poodle trims right now.

Don’t get frustrated over trimming your poodle – it’s perfectly easy to give them a nice all-over clip without going into show territory (unless you really want to!).

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