The UK’s Best Dog Clippers for Springer Spaniels in 2022

This is our review of the best dog clippers for springer spaniels in 2022

The springer spaniel has a medium-length coat that usually consists of wavy or flat hair on the outer coat. Meanwhile, the inner coat is thicker and softer to provide insulation and feathering can be found on the ears, legs and chest.

Whilst the coat isn’t high maintenance,, you will still need to give it some attention to keep your dog’s hair looking and feeling great.

You don’t need to take them to a grooming parlour if you have the tools at home, so what are the best dog clippers for Springer Spaniels? Let’s find out!

In this guide, we will be reviewing:

We will also ask:

  • Do you need to clip a Springer Spaniel
  • What are the most common Springer haircuts
  • What to consider when buying a clipper set for a Springer
  • What blades to use
  • How to hand strip

Our Best Dog Clipper for Springer Spaniels

In this guide, we’ve tried and tested some of the best Springer Spaniel dog clippers. These professional groomer options should help your springer pup look his best all year round.

 Masterclip Springer Spaniel Set

Offering three detachable blades, this professional corded dog clipper is built with the springer spaniel in mind.

It’s easy enough to take care of the different layers of your dog’s body with the tough, carbon manufacture, and with two speeds to help you get at that thick undercoat. It’s in the mid-range on price, too.


  • Specifically designed for springer spaniels
  • Extremely tough blade
  • Two speed functionality


  • May be a little restrictive

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WAHL Dog Clippers, Multi Cut Dog Cat Grooming Kit

Wahl’s great springer spaniel clippers are corded but still offer lots of flexibility. You have a full set of four combs, high carbon steel blades, a brush, blade oil and scissors – and best of all, this set of clippers is particularly quiet.

It’s a very affordable kit that will cut smoothly through the different coats of your spaniel.


  • Nice comb selection
  • Accessories provided
  • Very tough blade


  • May not be the most feature-rich

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OMORC Dog Clippers, Cordless Pet Clippers 

OMORC’s dog’s hair clippers are great if you are looking for something super-quiet which won’t break the bank.

The sharp, ceramic and titanium blade unit will help you clip through thick coats with ease. It’s very quick to charge, and you have an optimum window of around an hour battery life, plus.


  • Very affordable
  • Different comb lengths
  • Low noise for calm


  • Not the best manufacture

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Andis Ultraedge AGC 2 Speed Brushless Clipper

This snazzy, ergonomic dog’s hair clipper offers two speeds to allow you to get through different levels of hair.

Different blade sizes are available for different cuts, and with easy cleaning and oiling as standard, there shouldn’t be any reason why this trimmer will snag or pull.

With a 3m cord and a range of colour options, it’s great if you are grooming for an extended period-a solid choice all in all.


  • Easy on the hand
  • Very smooth to run through a coat
  • Fairly heavy duty clipper


  • May be a little pricey

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Everesta Dog Clippers

Everesta’s cordless clippers make for some of the best value grooming essentials on our list. Providing 70 minutes of battery life, the titanium clipper blade should offer plenty of durability and smooth cutting.

This clipper also runs at quieter than 50db, making the grooming process for your spaniel a little bit less anxious.


  • Very quiet
  • Affordable clipper
  • Solid, tough blade


  • Not a brand you may have heard of

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Rechargeable, Cordless Pet Grooming Clippers

This great Pet Union kit is superb for all dogs with thick or difficult fur. However, it’s the right clipper for your spaniel, thanks to the fact that you can easily switch between combs without hassle.

The cordless operation will also allow you to carefully contour around your pet without fear of snagging along the way.


  • Pretty much all you need in the box
  • Cordless clipper for freedom
  • Ergonomic on the hands


  • May not be the premium kit some pet owners need

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 X XBEN Dog Clippers, 1500mAh Low Noise

This affordable set for thick hair is ideal for springer spaniels but can even be used on rabbits and horses! You receive two motor speeds as standard, a full LCD and an impressive eight different combs.

You’ll also get a wide cutting head, ideal for getting to the thicker underside of your spaniel’s coat in no time at all.


  • Lots of accessories
  • Great value kit
  • Long battery life


  • Not a household brand

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Dog Clippers 

Boasting a detachable blades system built in titanium, these are some of the best dog clippers for springer spaniel breeds, thanks to their low vibration.

That means they will cause little to no fuss for your pet in terms of noise or physical sensation. This is also a heavy-duty build, with three speeds in the powerful motor. It’s nice and easy to handle and charge, too.


  • Lots of combs and accessories
  • Three-speed clipper
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Not a known brand

> Check Price At Amazon <<

OSTER A5 single speed dog grooming clipper

Oster blades are among the best for trimming any dog’s coat – and the A5 is a classic choice for springer spaniels.

Easy to snap blades on and off, this corded clipper set is heavy-duty, robust, and is much the same as what you’d expect to find at professional groomers. This clipper is light on features, but it gets the job done.


  • Hard-wearing clipper system
  • Very durable blades
  • Nice and straightforward


  • A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for

> Check Price At Amazon <<

Bonve Pet Dog Clippers 

One of the cheapest grooming kits and professional clippers you’ll find online, the sharp, ceramic based clipper blades will help to get through the thicker undercoat of a spaniel as well as the shiny topper coat.

It’s very lightweight and easy to handle, and what’s more, you get over an hour of battery per charge with these cordless clippers.


  • One of the cheapest clipper kits online
  • Great for getting into a thick coat
  • Six combs and accessories provided


  • Cheap doesn’t always mean the best-made clipper!

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Why Springer Spaniels Need Clipping

Springer spaniels need regular clipping just like all dogs with mid-length fur, but their hair can be more complex than other dog breeds.

They have two coat layers, which means you’re looking at a shiny exterior and a soft, thick coat underneath.

This is susceptible to all kinds of tangles and knots – so your English springer spaniel is absolutely going to benefit from a grooming session or two!

Spaniels are also popular at shows – meaning that many people will adopt them to raise as a show dog, with a variety of interesting cuts.

You may need a professional groomer in these circumstances if things get too tricky! English springer spaniels also act as service dogs in many cases, as well as being excellent gundogs – so it’s important to keep them clean.

How to Clip a Springer Spaniel at Home – Springer Spaniel Cuts 

Grooming a Springer at home isn’t difficult as long as you have the right grooming equipment. Below are the 3 most common haircuts for Springers,so go on give it a try! 

The Natural Cut

The natural cut lets your spaniel’s hair feather out naturally (funnily enough). However, there is a slight art to keeping those curls bouncing out without tangling.

Be sure to trim around the ears and legs – and air dry after a bath for the best results.

The Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is nice and simple, allowing you to give your pup a bit of relief during the sunnier months. This is where you use a lightweight clipper to trim down by two inches max, leaving the ears long. It’s a classic, simple look you’ve likely seen before.

The Show Cut

The show cut is all about letting that majestic coat flow and billow! The English springer spaniel is a regular winner at big shows. It’s largely down to their amazing, flowing fur – and this cut is going to need long ears and torso fur. You might need the help of a professional groomer with this one!

Things to Look For When Choosing Springer Spaniel Dog Clippers

Don’t just believe what the marketing says – professional dog groomers will tell you your dog’s skin needs a reliable blade, ergonomic design, lithium-ion battery and more – here are a few important bits to prioritise when shopping for a clipper or blade set.

Heavy-Duty Build

The best clipper for your spaniel is going to need to withstand the test of time. A good pair of heavy-duty clippers will allow you to easily cut through that silky exterior and attend to the soft coat underneath. When dealing with matted hair, you want the best dog clippers to withstand regular use!

Low Noise

No dogs like noise or irritation during clipping – it can make them very anxious. The English springer spaniel is no different. Look for a clipper that offers low noise and/or vibration. Less than 50db tends to be a good benchmark to follow. A calm spaniel is a carefully clipped spaniel!

Blade Quality

Blade quality will vary from case to case. Look for titanium or carbon steel if you can, as these blades will handle most coat types with ease – and will cut through that spaniel hair in both layers. Look for blades, too, that are easy to remove, clean and oil whenever you need to.

Combs Provided

The different coat lengths and thicknesses on a spaniel mean you’ll ideally need different comb sizes to give a good overall cut.

Look for a clipper or two that have a variety of different lengths in combs and blades- we’ll run through the ones you will ideally need for a spaniel below.

Do also look for kits with a dog hair cleaning brush, scissors and oil – they are all going to come in handy. If you’re really unsure, always reach out to a professional who can provide veterinary advice.

Which Dog Clipper Blades To Use for an English Springer Spaniel?

Generally, you should be looking at clipper kits from the likes of brands such as Oster, Wahl and Andis – these tend to be the best for intricate blade designs perfect for spaniels.

However, it’s advisable you look for 5, 5FC, 7 and 7FC clipper blades for the majority of your spaniel’s body. You’ll normally need a 7FC or 10 for the head, with 10 and 15 normally suggested for facial features and ears.

Different brands have different suggestions for this, but you should be fine if you have a mixture of the six-blade types listed above. Always ask a qualified vet if you’re unsure.

Hand Stripping a Springer Spaniel

When you learn how to groom a Springer Spaniel a term you’ll often hear is hand stripping. This is essential if you want to make sure you clear dead hair or fur that’s simply not coming away whilst keeping the coat sleek and shiny

Tough coats on spaniels will have soft ends that you need to promote for skin protection. However, there’s a knack to hand stripping a springer spaniel, and it’s going to need a specialist stripping comb.

  1. Buy a stripping comb: A stripping comb is a small tool you can use to gently remove dead or loose hair from under your spaniel. It’s not a brush – it does what it says on the tin; it strips loose hair.
  2. Carefully prepare: It’s important to remember that proper hand stripping won’t hurt your spaniel. However, you may wish to set up a grooming table if they are fidgety, or if you want to ensure their safety while they get used to the process.
  3. Use short strokes: Make sure to carefully stroke down your spaniel in short bursts to get up the loose hair – brushing the length of your spaniel here really isn’t going to help. This method will allow you to get up lots of loose fur, prioritise the softer coat, and to put your pup at ease.
  4. Avoid bathing: Yes – you read correctly! It’s never a good idea to try and bathe your pooch after stripping. That’s because your spaniel’s pores are going to be wide open to bacteria and all kinds of nastiness.

To learn more about hand stripping, there’s a fantastic guide from Go Groomer over on YouTube. There’s a debate between whether you should use a stripper or a clipper – we feel a clipper is a good bet, but stripping is always worthwhile to keep things even.


Should you clip a Springer Spaniel?

You should absolutely clip an English Springer Spaniel, although they should never be shaved completely- their coats can be complex, and what’s more, they are at risk of getting tangled and matted.

Regular hand stripping and/or clipping will ensure they are kept looking and feeling great. Never use human hair clippers as they are designed for human hair, not dogs.

What are the different Spaniel cuts?

Spaniel cuts normally arrive in three main flavours – the natural, the puppy, and the show. The puppy cut is the easiest trim and most straightforward look, whereas the show look might often need the assistance of a professional groomer.

If you’re preparing your English springer spaniel for a show, book in a grooming session!

Should I bathe my Spaniel before clipping?

It’s normally a good idea to bathe your dog’s coat before clipping, regardless of breed – and this goes twice for the hair on a springer spaniel. The natural cut, in fact, relies on a clean coat and an air dry, meaning we absolutely recommend you scrub your pup up before you get started.

What blade to clip a springer spaniel?

Springer Spaniels are usually clipped with a combination of #4F #5, #7F and #8.5 blades 

Conclusion and Top Pick

The best dog clippers for a springer spaniel should be those that offer different blades for their complex hair grooming needs.

The best clipper for springer breeds will help you get rid of matted hair and help keep those complex layers lush and flowing.

Our favourite is the Masterclip Springer Spaniel Schnauzer Professional Dog Clippers Set. This clipper glides through your dog’s hair with ease

Springers are majestic looking dogs when you look after their coats properly – and that doesn’t mean you have to take them to the groomers every week.

In fact, a good clipper with a set of durable blades, regularly treated with cleaning oil and regularly sharpened, should be fairly easy for you to get used to.

Canine hair clipping doesn’t have to be a hassle. Don’t be afraid to invest in the best equipment for the job!

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