The UK’s Best Dog Clippers for Thick Hair in 2022

This is our review of the best dog clippers for thick hair in 2022.

If you own a dog with a thick coat, grooming is essential to stop them from becoming a matted mess and you’re going to need a powerful set of clippers to do the job.

Using a cheap inferior option just won’t cut it; they may get clogged or pull your dog’s hair making the process uncomfortable and even painful.

So what are the best dog grooming clippers for thick hair?

In this guide, we will be reviewing the following thick coat dog clippers

We will also look at:

  • Corded V cordless clippers
  • What to consider when buying the best clippers for a thick coat
  • Tips for grooming a heavy-coated dog at home
  • What other tools you may need
  • Why you shouldn’t shave a double-coated dog

The best dog clippers for thick coats need to have a few things: sharp blades, strong power, and ideally, come with a complete kit! 

However, not all of the top dog clippers for thick coats come with the exact same features. In fact, many of them have different settings, speeds, and features that will suit their specific audience. Very thick fur, on the whole, is always going to need lots of power, however!

Here are some of the top-rated clippers for dogs with thick coats, each ranging from low cost to expensive, cordless to plugged in; let’s see which options make the cut.

Our Best Dog Clipper for Thick Hair

OMORC Dog Clippers with Strong Power for Thick Coats

This dog clipper comes with a high-speed rotary motor which helps with cutting thin and thick coats alike. 

It is also made with a carbon steel blade to trim your dog’s coat smoothly and safely. The whole kit comes complete with a cleaning brush, eight comb attachments, a pair of stainless steel scissors, and a stainless steel comb. 

The clippers need to be plugged into a wall and therefore do not need charging before use. Sound-wise, they do not go over 60DB, making them relatively quiet and thus less scary for your dog.


  • One of the best dog clippers for matted hair
  • Quiet running
  • detachable blade for cleaning


  • Maybe not a brand you’ve heard of

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Wahl Dog Cat Clippers

This cordless dog clipper can run for approximately 100 minutes on a full charge and makes it easy for you to trim or shave your dog’s fur from wherever is best for you. It’s also easier to use on nervous dogs that like to move around a lot! 

The precision-ground blade can be easily snapped on and off for easy cleaning and use.

The complete kit comes with six different attachments, a cleaning brush, and a bottle of hair clipper oil for maintenance. 


  • One of the best dog clippers for freedom
  • Rechargeable battery
  • A reliable brand


  • Replacement blades may be expensive

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Premium Dog Cat Grooming Kit

This Wicked Tangle dog clipper is an ideal option for those that are working on a budget. 

This three-speed motor provides low, medium and high power modes, making it very easy for you to choose the right setting for your pet’s coat. 

The set comes with professional dog grooming scissors, a strong metal comb, a clipper brush, a storage bag for the clippers, and two separate clipper attachments. 

The motor uses low vibration and a low noise setting to help to keep your dog calm whilst grooming.


  • Heavy-duty matted dog hair clippers 
  • Very quiet and gentle
  • Lots of extra kit for that thick undercoat


  • Some customers prefer corded clippers for thick fur.

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Andis AGCB Brushless 2 speed Dog Grooming Clipper

This Andis dog clipper is ideal for thick matted hair and intense grooming jobs! Although these long hair dog clippers work perfectly fine on thinner, softer coats, it is one of the best dog grooming clippers for thick fur. 

The motor has two speeds and strong power for heavy-duty jobs. The kit comes with two blades, one 1. 8 mm blade and one 3. 2 mm blade. 

It also comes complete with a pot of grease for the replacement of the blades. 


  • Best thick coat dog clippers 
  • Multiple blade sizes
  • Choose from two speeds


  • You may do better with a specific dense fur clipper.

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cyrico 5-Speed Dog Clippers 

This sophisticated dog clipper comes with five speeds, with the highest rotations being the most efficient for thick, matted hair. 

It is a cordfree clipper that can run for up to four hours. This makes it a professional standard battery length for a dog clipper. The working sound is lower than 60 DB.

The smart LED screen on the front will tell you your battery percentage and RPM. The complete kit comes with a clipper brush, a strong steel comb, and four different attachments. 


  • Easy to use and manage
  • Great for anxious dogs
  • Thick coat clipping in five speeds


  • Customers seem to have had mixed results

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Performer by WAHL Dog Clippers

These heavy duty animal clippers include four different clipper attachments ( one of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 13mm ), all of which clip easily onto the shaver, a clipper brush, blade oil, and a pair of scissors. 

The taper lever on the side allows you to vary the length of the cut, ranging from between 0. 7 mm, and 1. 5 mm. This particular clipper is better for shorter coats, but it can handle a coarse coat, too. 


  • Wahl’s professional guarantee
  • Multiple attachments for complete shave downs
  • Blade guard


  • Better suited to thinner hair

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Domipet Dog Grooming Clippers 

This set is one of the cheapest dog grooming kits that you will find online or anywhere else, but that does not mean that it isn’t a strong contender! 

It has been designed with a titanium alloy ceramic blade and is very quiet, coming in under 50DB. 

The kit comes with a pair of scissors, a clipper brush, a strong comb, four attachments for the clipper, and clipper oil. The clipper is rechargeable and comes with a sophisticated LED screen with your power charge noted. 

It also comes with three speeds, 6000 RPM, 6500 RPM, and 7000 RPM. 


  • Value for money
  • High speed settings
  • Impressively quiet


  • May not be the best quality for thick and matted hair.

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What to Look For When Choosing Clipping Tools for Long Haired Dogs

As you know, leaving matted hair and fur will only make it worse, and it can sometimes reach a worrying state that we do not know how to handle. Here are a few things that you will want to bear in mind when choosing dog clippers for thick coats: 

Heavy Duty Builds

Thick coats mean big jobs! It can take quite some time to get the coat just right, and for better grooming, you will need a heavy-duty clipper that can handle their thick coat. By heavy-duty, what we mean you should be looking for is something solid, reliable, and powerful.  A self-sharpening blade is also a bonus on clippers for dogs with heavy coats as it will be cutting through lots of hair.

A lightweight, slow clipper will likely overheat and break very quickly. You must read the box and instructions carefully before buying your clipper, as they will tell you what precisely the clipper is capable of doing and the kind of coat for which it is best suited. 


Along with power, you will need something fast. A slower clipper is perfectly suitable for short, soft fur, as it will easily make its way through it and not require any particular intensity. On the other hand, a slow rotating clipper will not be able to keep up with thick, matting fur and will more likely get tangled up in the dense hair, causing it to tear off and cause your dog severe pain.

Therefore, you need to look for heavy duty dog clippers with multiple speeds ideally – so you can easily manage those mats.

Low Volume

Thick fur usually means a longer job. It will take time to get through your dog’s coat, especially if any of the fur is matted. However, the longer it takes, the more impatient dogs tend to become. Whether your dog is a Nervous Nellie from the start of the grooming session or whether they just tend to get a bit irate after a while, it is always best to have a low-volume clipper.

Of course, with more power comes more sound, or at least that is usually the case. However, it is relatively easy to find quieter clippers on the market now than ever before.

Cord or No Cord?

Although there are plenty of highly efficient battery-powered clippers on the market today, and they definitely do come with their list of qualities, if you are looking for a clipper for thick fur, it is usually best to opt for a corded clipper.

The cord will ensure that the clipper is constantly getting a solid electrical feed, making it far more likely to use consistent power throughout the session and for as long as you might like. The steady power source will serve the motor far better than relying on rechargeable batteries, however advanced they are. 


A decent dog clipper could set you back a bit, but you do not have to spend the hundreds of pounds that professional groomers shell out in order to buy the perfect clipper for your dog. There are plenty of adequate options for under £100.

Remember that a great professional groomer kit should last a dog’s lifetime and beyond. It sometimes is worth investing more in Wahl clippers or other trusted brands for the sheer quality. 

Corded V Cordless for Matted & Double Coats

Corded clippers do tend to be ideal for long, thick or matted fur. As they constantly receive a steady power source, they are far more likely to be able to complete the job without losing power or overheating. 

Cordless clippers do, of course, come with their list of qualities, too. Professional dog clippers without cords give you more freedom, and are much kinder on your hands and wrists. It also means that you can groom your dog just about anywhere instead of being limited to the plugs available in your home. 

10 Tips for Grooming Dogs with Heavy Fur

Daily brushing is essential for dogs with thick coats to reduce the hair around your home and keep them tangle-free; below are a few tips for grooming sheep dogs, Poodles and dogs with heavy duty fur.

Start by using a slicker brush.

This is a type of brush that is commonly used on thick furred dogs and cats. It usually comes in a rectangular shape and has fine wire bristles that gently remove any loose hair, fur matting, knots, dirt, or other debris that your dog may have picked up. You will notice that the bristles end at an angle, which prevents the sharp bristles from scratching or irritating your dog’s skin.

Use the right shampoo.

You must first of all always use a dog shampoo. Human shampoo is far too severe for a canine’s skin and will likely irritate them. Then, you will need to choose a blend that is specific to your dog’s needs. Do they need a conditioning shampoo? An anti-itch shampoo? A de-fleaing mix? Choosing the best brand and bottle will help prepare the thickest hair as well as your furry friend for the clipper.

Use scissors before the clippers.

If your pup’s fur is matted, it is always best to start using scissors before the clippers. This will help you better determine where the clippers will have to work a little harder and prevent them from doing too much and potentially breaking! However, matting fur can easily stick to dog skin and depending on the colour of your dog; it can be challenging to differentiate from their skin.

Use a pin brush

A pin brush resembles that of a human hairbrush quite a bit. It holds the same shape. It is quite proficient at retrieving any excess loose hair, dirt, small matted fur, undoing tiny knots, and taking away any other debris, that you may not have been able to reach or retrieve with the slicker. It can also be used post-blow-dry to fluff up your dog’s coat. 

Use a de-shedding tool.

A de-shedding comb is an ideal tool to use on double coats. Unlike normal brushes, which retrieve loose hairs and debris from the top of the coat, a de-shedding brush is used to retrieve the loose dead undercoat without damaging the top layer in any way. This is an excellent way to reduce mass amounts of hair around the house and keep your pooch’s fur nice and loose. 

Use a de-matting comb.

A de-matting comb pretty much does what it sounds like and removes matting fur from your dog or cat. It is a thick, firm brush, or comb, capable of pulling through the matted hair to create separations, thus destroying the lumps. It can take a while to use and should be used delicately to not rip too hard against your pet’s skin. 

This video shows how to de-mat your dog easily

Use the right clipper.

That’s why you’re here! Matted fur is no fun for anyone – using the right clipper is essential when it comes to properly grooming thick fur. Finding the right clipper for your dog’s hair, however, is worth the investment. Hair thickness may not be something many people think about when buying clippers, but a thick haired dog (or those with matted coats) will benefit from high powered, ceramic blades sharp enough to slide through the matts. The best dog clippers for double coats may not be the same as the ones for a Yorkshire Terrier!

Use a soft towel

After your dog’s bath, be sure to start the drying process by using a soft towel on their fur. You should also only lightly dab it dry instead of rubbing it harshly up and down your pet’s skin. This is far more likely to cause knots on thick fur and create mats straight after a shower! Dabbing it dry will remove a lot of the moisture while being delicate on your canine’s skin and hair. 

Use a dog blow dryer.

The final step to the drying process is to use a dog blow dryer. A human blow dryer runs too hot and can severely irritate or burn your dog’s sensitive skin. Moreover, it can easily damage their fur permanently. A dog blow dryer will run at an adequate temperature and ensure that your dog gets fully dry while being protected. To make your life easier, try brushing through their hair gently as you dry them to prevent any knots or matted fur from forming. 

Other Supplies You May Need


A strong pair of stainless steel scissors will easily be able to cut through any knots in thick or matted hair on your dog. It means that you will not always have to deal with hours of grooming sessions at a time. Remember to use the scissors whenever you notice any matted fur or knots beginning to form.

A strong comb

Nothing beats a strong comb to use as frequently as needed. A comb can be good for detecting any knots our matter fur that could be forming, retrieving any debris in your dog’s fur, and ensuring that it stays nice and well-combed as you blow-dry, combing through the fur. A tough styling comb won’t go amiss, either.

De-tangling conditioner

If your dog’s getting in the bath before their trim, be sure to use a kind, leading de-tangling conditioner. Some dog shampoos have conditioning blended into the mix, but if not, you can buy a separate bottle or cream to help straighten out those nuisance tangles. This type of conditioner is perfect for preparing you for clipping thick-haired dogs


A grooming table

Some dog owners feel that a good grooming table is essential to the grooming process. While not always a must, a good table can help to gently position your dog and keep them calm. If you are going to be using a ceramic moving blade on a thick coat, you might be there for some time. It pays to help relax your pup.

Why You shouldn’t Shave a Double-Coated Breed

Some believe that shaving a double-coated dog will make the grooming a lot easier and prevent them from shedding too much. Sadly, shaving double-coated dogs can severely damage their fur and their skin! 

As the undercoat will have to grow back first, it will be submitted to the harsh rays of the sun, making your dog absorb more heat and causing damage to the fur. Their undercoat is there to protect them from sunburns, insect bites, dirt, etc. 

Double coated dogs include: 

  • Akitas 
  • Australian Shepherds 
  • Siberian Huskies 
  • Great Pyrenees 
  • Golden Retrievers 
  • Miniature Schnauzers 
  • Pomeranians 
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs 
  • Alaskan Huskies 
  • Havanese Dogs 


How do I stop fur from becoming matted?

Regularly combing and brushing through thick fur or a double coat is the best way to ensure that it does not become matted or knotted. It will also help to reduce shedding and to move the natural oils around your pooch’s fur.

Does clipping damage a dog’s coat?

Clipping fur too severely can indeed damage their hair. Depending on their breed and coat type, you will have to leave a certain amount of fur on their bodies to protect them from the sun, insects, and weather. 

Is Andis worth the money?

Oster clippers are definitely worth the investment if you are looking for professional grooming quality for your dog. You are more likely to have an efficient shave, and a tool that will last you a long time, and a lot of furs!

Conclusion and Top Pick

Finding the best dog clippers for thick fur coats can sometimes seem a little difficult, especially with the number of options and settings available on the market. It is important to remember that buying dog clippers for thick and long-haired breeds is essential for their complete animal grooming. 

A popular option for thick-coated dog breeds is the OMORC clipper, right at the top of our list, thanks to its reasonable price, complete kit, and other options like the speed control feature, the detachable blades, the soft zipper pouch, the cleaning brush, and all of the things that you might need to make grooming that much easier for you and your furry friend.

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