The UK’s Best Dry Dog Shampoo in 2022

This is our review of the best dry dog shampoo in 2022

When hunting down the best dry shampoo for dogs, we looked at performance, value, ingredients, ease of use and breed compatibility. We understand that one dry bath product might work well for one dog and not for another, which is why we’ve built a list of the best waterless dog shampoos across a wide range of choices.

In this guide, we will be reviewing dry dog shampoos;

We will also cover:

  • How dry shampoos work
  • Which dogs and owners would benefit from a dry shampoo
  • What to look for when choosing the best dry dog shampoos?

The Best Dry Dog Shampoos

The following shampoo products are guaranteed to gently get your dog’s coat looking fabulous and your pup smelling fresh in general. If bath time’s a problem, check out these products and read the reviews to prevent you from making a “paw” choice when choosing a dry shampoo for your dog.

Burt’s Bees for Pets All Natural Waterless Shampoo Spray for Dogs

Burt’s Bees is a wonderful brand that offers nothing but natural ingredients – and this fantastic spray will help nourish your dog’s skin with the backing from vets. Simply use the light spray consistency on a towel, gently massage, and away you go.

We love the fact that this dog shampoo is so dedicated to avoiding chemicals – it’s completely cruelty-free, a major plus. It is a little on the pricier side, but you really do get what you pay for. Simply air dry and your pup can walk away silky and smelling wonderful. It’s really mild on their skin and it’s nice and soothing, too.


  • Helps soften your dog’s coat,
  • PH balanced,
  • Vet recommended waterless shampoo


  • A premium price tag

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Dirty Dawg Pup No-Rinse Shampoo Dog Spray 250ml

If you’ve got a dirty dawg of your own, then this budget waterless dog shampoo is sure to be an appealing purchase. This completely vegan product aims to deodorise as well as lift off some of the nastiest dirt that our pets are known to roll around in when they really shouldn’t.

This Animology product even comes with its own signature scent – meaning that if your pup is really interested in setting trends, this spray is going to turn heads. Very easy to apply, this mild spray even comes with a built-in conditioner, so you won’t have to muddle around in the bathtub when you get home. This spray actively strengthens your dog’s fur and even gets rid of excess oil too.


  • Affordable,
  • Conditioner included,
  • Mild and vegan


  • No information on how it reacts with flea treatments

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Dry Clean Spray, 15.2oz Blueberry Muffin

Ever wanted your dog to smell like delicious baked goods? Maybe not, but this Pet Head dry shampoo is formulated to help your dog’s coat smell like blueberry muffins. If that’s your bag, who are we to judge? However, the better news is that this super-convenient dog shampoo is quick to spray on and is pH balanced to be kinder to your pet.

That also means this formula is developed to be safe for dogs to lick, too, if they fancy giving themselves a tongue bath along the way. Just as you would with any dry shampoo, be very careful if you need to clean or scrub anywhere near your pet’s eyes.

Not only is this shampoo ideal for helping to clean your pet safely, it’ll smell great, too.


  • Cruelty-free,
  • Unique scents,
  • Really easy to use


  • Not the cheapest

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No Rinse Dry Shampoo for Dogs| Natural Formula Refreshes Coat

This is one of the best dry shampoos for your dog if you are concerned about how your flea treatments will be affected. You can easily spray on this waterless formula, made from neem oil and aloe vera, to get your pup scrubbed up and smelling great in no time. It’s also rich in vitamin B5 and is sure to get your dog’s coat shining with minimal effort.

Retailing usually at just less than £10, it’s a great value choice, and it’s ideal for younger and older dogs. However, you’re recommended to start using it on puppies when they are at least three to four months old. We like this product for the fact that it won’t just protect your pet’s coat, but also for the fact that it will moisturise their skin, too.


  • Reasonably priced,
  • Natural ingredients,
  • Kind to skin


  • May not be great for very young puppies

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Pro Pooch Dry Shampoo For Dogs (200 ml) Quick Drying Waterless No-Rinse Mousse.

This Pro Pooch dry shampoo is likely to be a great choice if your pet struggles with allergens. It’s actually naturally derived from avocado and aloe, and there’s zero chemicals, parabens or anything else considered nasty. What’s more, Pro Pooch is a reputable brand based in the UK (not just known for dry shampoos, either).

This dry shampoo will both clean and condition your pet without the need for you to rinse. There’s no nasty film left afterwards, and it’s handy enough to pop in a bag and use when bath time really isn’t possible. We also like the fact that it’s produced with all breeds and skin types in mind. The only caveat is that there doesn’t seem to be much information on topical flea treatment and mixing.


  • Great for all breeds,
  • Sensitive skin protective,
  • Hypoallergenic and free from nasty stuff


  • No information on flea treatments

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Dry Dog Shampoo Spray For Smelly Dogs – Wipe Clean Stain Remover – Cruelty-Free Waterless Grooming Products Organic Odour Deodoriser

Cooper and Gracie is a well-known brand that’s popular for its stance on cruelty-free products – so you know that their shampoo isn’t just kind to dogs but also conscientiously developed on route to the supermarket. This fantastic dry shampoo is developed mainly to help crack down on that odour-causing bacteria, particularly if your pup is the kind to roll in the grimmest of mess.

Free from parabens and offering a clear pH balance, this product is also chock-full of moisturising vitamin E. It’s antibacterial, too, meaning that odour-causing bacteria is going to steer well clear. You’re also protecting your pup against fungi and any other potential growths and nasties too.

We also like the Cooper and Gracie range because their products are developed by dog lovers. Their shampoos and conditioners are very kind to the skin, meaning you can rest easy.


  • Cruelty-free,
  • Vitamin enhanced,
  • Great all-around protection


  • May be a little pricey

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Wahl No Rinse Shampoo, Shampoo for Pets, Smartgroom

Wahl is a name we’d normally associate with hair clippers, which means we can expect to trust the brand when it comes to cleaning fur, too! This cheap and cheerful no rinsing shampoo is a gentle foam that aims to really bring out the best in your pets on the go. It contains lovely tea tree oil and aloe, and it’s very easy to massage deep into your pet’s coat without any fuss.

This is an ideal choice if you are looking for a dry shampoo that cleanses fur and can lift even the most stubborn marks and messes. It won’t beat a full bath, but the handy pocket-sized bottle is great to have with you on walks when you’re far from home. This formula is also handy for bathing other animals too.


  • Value for Money,
  • Gentle on your pet,
  • Handy size


  • Not developed purely for dogs

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How Do Dry Shampoos for Dogs Work?

Dog dry shampoo and conditioner for dogs can be a great alternative to traditional cleaning products most dog owners are aware of. As it transpires, you don’t need to get your dog’s coat or dog’s skin soggy to make sure they scrub up! A dry shampoo works without water, usually in the shape of a foam or a spray.

Dry shampoo for dogs allows you to quickly clean and deodorise your dog without the need for a full bath. Proper baths are always recommended regularly; however, most dry dog shampoos come with a gentle formula to help with odour control. Just with traditional shampoo, you’ll also find that shampoo brands offer formulas for dry skin and for regular dog grooming – all to help pet owners keep their pet’s coat soft and smelling great.

Dry dog shampoo will help to keep your dog smelling fresh and can get ground-in dirt or muck out of your dog’s fur. The best dog dry shampoos will have natural ingredients and be free from harsh chemicals – so there’s no need to worry about subjecting your dog’s coat to anything sinister.

Waterless shampoos are great for using on the go and when a full bath just isn’t possible.

What Dogs would Benefit from a Waterless Shampoo?

While all dogs will benefit from regular brushing and bathing, many will do well with dry dog shampoos formulated for their skin. Of course, all canine needs are different, as are the circumstances of different pet owners and dog owners. Before you go ahead and try any of the great waterless dog shampoos listed here, consider if you and your pup fit into the following:

Big Dogs

Let’s face it – big dogs are some of the hardest to get into the bath, and as any large dog owner will know, getting your dog’s skin and fur wet can be a nightmare if there’s lots of it! Dry shampoo can be a must for bigger pets as it’s quick and simple to use.

Pups That Don’t Like Water

Not all dogs like getting their paws wet, which means that a dry dog shampoo might be just the ticket for a fresh scent at short notice. The best waterless shampoo range will help you scrub off those dirty spots without causing your pup any anxiety in the tub.

Dirty Dawgs (ones that get dirty daily)

Bath time can be fairly frequent for grubby animals! If you have a dog that’s likely to get mucky regularly, setting up the bath again and again can be a nightmare. Buy leading dry shampoo for dogs and you can just spray, massage and go. Nice and easy – and you get to save water, too.

Older Dogs

As dogs get older, getting in and out of the bath can become a genuine struggle for them. The best dry dog shampoos will enable you to keep them clean and smelling great without having to physically bathe them every five minutes. It’s a kinder, less stressful way to treat elderly pups.

Dogs with Skin Conditions

Dog skin can vary – of course – and if your pup has particularly sensitive skin, bathing too often may make it worse. Many waterless pet shampoo options are formulated for sensitive skin, meaning if you’re struggling to find a nice pH balanced option elsewhere, you’re in luck. If you don’t like any of the choices above, see the best shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin on this page.

Dogs with double coats

Super-thick dogs (not the daft variety) need more than a heavy-duty dog brush to keep looking great. Ordinary dog shampoo may not always leave a dent when there’s just so much hair to deal with. Thankfully, there are dry shampoo options that are, again, formulated for double coats.

What to Look for When Choosing a Dry Shampoo?

If you’ve never bought or used dry shampoo for dogs before, there are a few things that set the best apart from the rest. One waterless dog shampoo might be great for sensitive skin, while others might act tough against fleas. Here are a few important things you might want to look for.

Spray Bottle or Foam?

A dry shampoo spray is likely to be one of the easiest options for applying shampoo directly to your dog. Foam is a great choice too, but for a quick way to get your pet’s coat looking and smelling great, you can’t beat a spray. Your own tastes may vary, but some of the best dry shampoo for dogs arrives in a spray.

Skin Type

Dogs have sensitive skin, too! Whether you choose a waterless foam shampoo or otherwise, always check the label before bathing dogs in this way. Some shampoo sprays absorb excess oil, for example, but might not be comfortable for your furry friend. If in doubt, always ask a professional for a vet recommended waterless shampoo.

Built-in Conditioners

Dogs with magnificent coats often need conditioner, too! But what can you do if you make the switch to canine dry shampoos – is there a conditioner that acts likewise? Thankfully, there are dry shampoos for dogs that have conditioners blended into the mix, too. As with normal pet shampoo, it might not be essential.

Flea Treatment Friendly

If you use topical flea treatments on your pets – and you should, if you can – you’re going to need a dry shampoo that retains all of its hard work. One of the big issues with a traditional bath or shampoo is that topical flea remedies can wash off. Look for a dry shampoo that locks it in!


Unfortunately, there may be dry shampoo options out there that still use harsh chemicals. The best dry shampoo for dogs, of course, will contain nothing but natural ingredients. Some include natural oils, are pH balanced, and have lots of lovely stuff in the mix, such as aloe vera!

Odour Removal and Scent

One of the main reasons why we wash our dogs at all is because they often get pongy! Thankfully, plenty of waterless dog shampoo options actively work to remove bad smells, leaving a fresh scent. The best dry dog shampoo won’t just get your dog’s fur looking great – it’ll kill odour causing bacteria.


Do dry shampoos work on dogs?

Yes – providing you make sure to use dry shampoos for dogs that are for pet use only. Specific dry dog shampoo will have natural ingredients and can help lift dirt and keep your pup smelling nice and fresh.

Will using dry shampoo damage my dog’s coat?

Specifically-made dry dog shampoo won’t damage your dog’s coat, providing you buy products blended for their skin and fur type. Some dogs with very sensitive skin will cope better with specially formulated waterless shampoos, for example.

Do dry shampoos work out more expensive?

A dry shampoo spray isn’t always going to cost you the earth, and think about how much money you might save on your water bill! Of course, it’s worth shopping around and comparing one waterless dog shampoo with another – for cost as well as features.

What’s the best dry shampoo for a cocker spaniel?

Cocker spaniels have very particular fur, which is why many dog owners recommend brands such as Pro Pet Works and Bayer. It’s a good idea to look at different dry bath products, label first to check if your pet’s hair is likely to benefit. As cocker spaniels are popular breeds, many dry shampoos for dogs are formulated with them in mind.

Can I Use Other Types of Shampoo

If you have no dog shampoo in the house you may be asking yourself whether using baby shampoo on a dog is safe. Read on to find out so.

Conclusion and Top Pick

A fresh dog is a happy dog! While nothing is ever going to beat a good bath, if bath time is a hassle or just isn’t possible from day to day, dry shampoos from the top brands are fantastic to use as occasional top-ups.

Your dog’s skin and coat will vary to the next pup’s, so always make sure to read buyer reviews and the label of any dry shampoo you pick up. Natural ingredients are all but guaranteed, but it really doesn’t hurt to look closely. After all, if your dog is undergoing topical flea treatments or has very itchy skin, you’ll want nothing but the best.

Our top pick from the guide above is the Burt’s Bees for Pets All Natural Waterless Shampoo Spray for Dogs it outshines most dry shampoos in terms of performance and although it’s not the cheapest option the luxurious, all-natural blend is worth the extra

By all means, take a look at all the options we list here, too, they’re all pretty good and some are formulated for specific issues so your pooch will never have a bad hair day!

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