The UK’s Best Dog Grooming Arms in 2022

This is our review of the best dog grooming arms in 2022.

We looked at a few things when researching “what’s the best dog grooming arm”, including sturdiness, size, price, and functionality.

In this article, we will be reviewing.

As well as looking at

  • Types of grooming arm
  • Why you need a grooming arm
  • Safety when using a grooming loop
  • Things to consider when choosing the best dog grooming arm

Our Best Dog Grooming Arm Reviews

As with all our guides, we have tested these products and read the reviews to see what other customers think.

Grooming equipment isn’t cheap and we compile these lists to help you choose the best products you can afford, whether you are a professional or an owner wanting to give Rover a trim at home.

With features like multiple loops, adjustability and value for money, let’s dive in and find the best grooming arm for dogs.

Gravitis Pet Supplies Adjustable 36” Grooming Arm with Clamp

Extremely popular with many professional pet groomers, this 36-inch adjustable grooming arm by Gravitis is just the thing to keep your dog securely restrained while you get on with drying, brushing and clipping.

Compatible with most grooming tables with a thickness of 2 inches, It comes with a grooming loop and haunch holder and is available in three colours.

It comes with a clamp and can be taken to shows or used if you have a mobile grooming business making it a handy grooming aid for both home use and professional groomers.


  • Adjustable for both you and your pup’s comfort
  • Great value for money
  • Gravitis is a trusted brand for grooming equipment


  • May not be suitable for larger dogs

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Trintion Foldable Pet Grooming Arm

Made from stainless steel, these grooming arms are adjustable and speed up the grooming process by securing your pup with the noose to have both hands free for drying and clipping.

It comes with a clamp to secure it to tables and easy to clean and store away when not in use. The loop fits loosely around your dog’s neck and the extending part reaches 10 inches over the table.

This is a good choice for the price though it may not be heavy-duty enough to use in a salon.


  • Adjustable
  • Includes a restraining loop
  • Made from rust-free stainless steel


  • Some customers mention the clamp leaves a mark on the table, so perhaps don’t use it on an antique dining table.

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Pedigroom Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Arm With Noose

We love Pedigroom products, and this stainless steel Grooming Arm is no exception. It is fully adjustable with a height ranging from 60-90cm, making it suitable for most dogs.

Made from premium quality stainless steel, this grooming arm won’t rust, meaning it will last longer.

A top choice for both professional pet groomers and home use, it comes complete with 2 nylon nooses to keep your pup safe and secure while you give them a hair-do making any grooming session hassle-free


  • Rust free
  • Strong nylon grooming loop
  • Ideal for professional groomers or owners who want to try grooming at home


  • Some reviewers mention it may not be strong enough for larger breeds

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Gravitis Pet Supplies Overhead Pet Grooming Arm

Ideal for large dogs, overhead arms are often the choice of a professional dog groomer as they have multiple attachment points.

This arm is fully adjustable up to 43 inches high and comes with 2 clamps that fit tables up to 2 inches thick and 30-46 inches in length; there is also a loop with 2 leashes to keep your dog secure.

This meets PPGSA standards and is available in either Purple or Black. This is definitely one of our favourite dog grooming arms and is great value for money.


  • Ideal for larger dogs
  • Robust design
  • Recommended by professionals


  • The clamps are made from plastic

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Ballshop Adjustable Foldable Pet Dog Grooming Bath

Made from powder-coated stainless steel and with a capacity of up to 100 kgs, this heavy-duty arm can be used with a table surface up to 3.5cms thick; please measure before purchase.

It is fully adjustable; it can be stretched to 45 inches, making it suitable for many breeds of dog, keeping them securely restrained with the loop whilst you attend to them with the nail trimmers and clippers.

Ideal for both grooming your own dog at home and professional use, this product is a solid addition to your grooming equipment.


  • Made from sturdy stainless steel
  • The grooming arm can be adjusted up to 45 inches for larger breeds
  • Strong nylon harness


  • Clamp is only 3.5cm

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Pedigroom Professional Adjustable Dog Grooming Arm Bar

Another arm by Pedigroom, this portable option is compatible with various tables and is strong and robust enough for most dogs.

Since it’s adjustable, it can be used for different sizes of pooch and is ideal for mobile grooming businesses. Like most of the ones on this list, it comes with a noose to keep Fido in the right position whilst you clip or brush them.


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Adjustable
  • Fits most tables


  • Some reviews mention the thickness of the clamp; however, this is easily solved if you measure the table before purchase.

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39 inch Pet Grooming Tool with Clamp

Last but not least, this sturdy L-shaped grooming arm fits tables with up to 1-inch thickness and comes in two pieces making it incredibly easy to transport to shows etc.

It comes with 2 attachment points with loops. The large one is 24.4 inches in length and the smaller one 20 inches—ideal for securing your pooch both around the neck and haunches.

Whether you are a professional groomer or an amateur wanting to save money and groom Fido at home, this is an excellent addition to your kit.


  • Folds to less than 20 inches
  • Strong and Robust
  • 2 loops


  • Only fit tables up to 1.1 inches thick

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What is a Grooming Arm?

A grooming arm is a pole that clamps onto a table and has one or two loops that hang down and hold your furry friend in place while you have both hands free for drying, clipping, cleaning ears etc. These secure the head and or hindquarters.

Most grooming platforms come with arms, but if yours doesn’t, or you want to groom on a table you already have at home, then a grooming arm is a necessity.

Why Use A Dog Grooming Arm

The main reason to invest in a grooming arm is safety, although they can also improve the end result of a pampering session.

Grooming Arms are Safer for your Pup

It’s rare to find a dog that stands patiently whilst having their fur clipped, given a once over or having their nails cut.

Many dogs are scared of the sound of the clippers, fidget while you untangle matted fur and dislike scissors around the face.

Not to mention the fact that a full groom can be quite a lengthy process, and canines are not known for their long attention spans.

Many of the tools used to keep your dog in tip-top condition are dangerous and sharp; if your pup is struggling or moving around, there is a chance they may turn their face into the scissors or step on something sharp; they could also try to jump off to escape and injure themselves.

They also offer support for dogs with joint problems or elderly hounds who may find standing in one position for an hour difficult and painful.

Grooming Arms are Safer for You

A nervous dog will instinctively lash out when in pain or scared; a grooming arm keeps Fido’s head secure, so they can’t twist around and give you a nip as you comb a mat from their fur.

This is especially useful if you have rescued a dog who isn’t used to grooming or a large breed that could inflict serious damage with one bite.

With your dog securely restrained by a grooming arm, you have both hands free to concentrate on the job at hand; they also remove the need to have an extra person holding the dog whilst you groom them.

Things to Consider when Choosing

Professional groomers will be dealing with dogs of all shapes and sizes, so they need more flexibility in a grooming arm and more restraints as they want to get the job done quickly with the least fuss.

Whereas home groomers know the size of the dog and how many tether points they will need. For large dogs, an overhead arm is the best option.

Space and budget are also important factors. A double post arm is more expensive and tends to be kept in position, which is ideal for salons, but pet parents who are grooming at home may prefer a portable folding arm that can be clipped to the dining table.

There are tons of options for grooming arms on the internet, so do your research and buy the best dog grooming arm you can afford that suits your requirements.

Safety First

It’s important to buy the right-sized arm as a small arm will not cope with a large frightened dog. Professional groomers may need a variety of arms for different clients.

The most important thing to remember when using a grooming arm is; never ever leave your dog unattended, a frightened dog could easily jump from the platform and strange themselves and as most nooses are nylon, they wouldn’t break.

Some do come with quick-release fastenings, but this only works if you’re there at the time.

Should you need to leave the room even for a few seconds, take the dog with you or put them in a crate until you return.

Types of Grooming Arms


An L-shaped grooming arm is exactly as it sounds an L-shaped pole that clamps onto the tabletop with an overhang where the loops are attached; many are adjustable, but they are not usually the best option for really large breeds.

They are the least expensive option and easy to use.


Exactly the same as the L-shaped option, except they fold up, making them easy to transport and ideal for owners of show dogs or mobile groomers. They are usually a bit more expensive than a basic option but can still be picked up relatively cheaply.


The double posted overhead arms are the most expensive ones to buy but have several advantages over other arms. Two posts are connected by an overhead pole, which is suspended above the platform.

The benefits of this option are it is more sturdy, can be used for large breeds and has multiple attachment points to secure the dog.


Do all grooming tables come with arms?

The best dog grooming tables usually come with arms, but they may not all be suitable for larger dogs; if you are a mobile groomer or a home groomer who wants to groom Fido on the living room table, an arm is essential.

What the best grooming arm for a large dog

An overhead double-post arm is the best option for larger dogs; they are more sturdy and often have multiple loops to keep your pup secure.

How do I attach a grooming arm to the tabletop?

Grooming arms usually come with clamps to attach them to a bench, but these are not a standard measurement, so always check the thickness of your surface before purchase.

Conclusion and Top Pick

Whether you are a pet parent wanting to give their canine companion a trim or a professional groomer, a grooming arm makes the hours spent grooming safer, quicker, and easier.

We think anything that makes your pup comfortable and safe is well worth the money.

Our pick when it comes to the best dog grooming arms is the Gravitis Pet Supplies Adjustable 36” Grooming Arm.

With the wide range of grooming arms available online, you’re sure to find the best dog grooming arm that meets all your requirements.

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