The UK’s Best Dog Grooming Table in 202277

This is our review of the best dog grooming table in 2022.

Whether you own show dogs are a professional groomer or one of the many dog owners who give their pets a home haircut, a grooming table will make grooming sessions much easier, safer and less stressful for your dog.

In this article, we will be reviewing;

How do you know which is the right solution for you and your dog with so many to choose from? Do they need stainless steel legs? What’s a grooming loop and can a portable table handle the weight of a chubby Chow Chow? We’ll answer these questions and look at;

  • What other grooming equipment do you need?
  • What are the best dog grooming tables for large dogs?
  • How to deal with nervous dogs on a grooming table
  • Things to look for when choosing the perfect grooming table
  • Different types of grooming table

Our Best Dog Grooming Tables

Our product testers have delved deep into the grooming world and put these doggy grooming platforms to the test to point you in the right direction. Let’s find out which ones hit the mark.

SHELANDY Professional pet Grooming Table with Double leashes

This sizeable folding table can accommodate dogs up to 250 lbs and measures 43.5 x 23.5 inches. It comes with a sturdy grooming table arm, grooming loops and clamps, all the features you need whether you are a professional dog groomer or one of the many dog owners who give their furry friend a bath and trim at home.

It has a non-slip surface that is waterproof and wear-resistant and the heavy-duty stainless steel frame folds away for easy storage. Making it ideal for mobile grooming. Shelandy is a popular choice for dog grooming equipment and features on many of our guides.


  • Non-slip table surface
  • Ideal for both small and big dogs
  • Folds away, making it perfect for mobile pet groomers


  • Some reviews mention its a little low

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Yaheetech Foldable Pet Dog Grooming Table

This stylish black grooming table is ideal for everyday use and can be folded away for easy storage. Made from quality materials, the table surface is made from 18mm MDF covered with PU leather, which is easy to clean and non-slip.

It can handle dogs with a maximum weight of up to 220 lbs and comes with an adjustable grooming arm, meaning you can slide it up or down depending on the dog’s size; there’s also a detachable loop to hold your pup safely during the grooming process.

This foldable grooming table is ideal for mobile dog groomers and home use.


  • Portable dog grooming table
  • Made from quality materials
  • Comes with an adjustable arm


  • Some reviews mention it may not be suitable for large dogs.

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Gravitis Pet Supplies Professional Dog Grooming Table

Unlike most grooming tables, this one has fully adjustable table legs, so you can set them to suit any surface, meaning you could even groom Fido in the garden. Perfect for mobile groomers who could be setting it up in all sorts of different environments, the wobble-free feature is one we really like.

The surface of the grooming table is covered in a robust scratch-proof mat that is held in place with aluminium trim and is also static proof making it really easy to clean.

It comes with an adjustable grooming arm that has two loops to keep your pooch in the perfect position as you trim, and there is the capacity to add more if needed.


  • No Wobbles
  • Ideal for medium breeds and small dogs
  • Two grooming loops


  • Table height may be low for some

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BTM Extra Large PRO H-Frame Dog Pet Grooming Table

Safety is a priority when choosing grooming tables and we are pleased to report this large foldable grooming table ticks all the boxes. The anti-slip rubber feet prevent the table from moving whatever the surface and the platform has rounded edges, so no injuries should you bash yourself against it.

It is also covered in a non-slip rubber mat which is also static-free and scratch-resistant and easy to wipe down with a damp cloth after each use.

It comes complete with an overhead double point grooming arm with 2 20 inch nooses and has a handy tray to store towels, brushes, etc.


  • Anti-slip feet
  • Scratch-resistant water-proof surface
  • Come with an overhead grooming arm


  • Some reviews mention it’s a bit heavy, not necessarily a bad thing.

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PawHut Adjustable Dog Grooming Table Rubber

Whether it’s for trimming your dog’s fur or drying them after a bath, this robust PawHut grooming table fulfils all your grooming needs. Made from metal, the frame can handle weights up to 100kg making it suitable for many dog breeds.

There is a large 42-inch non-slip rubber surface for larger dogs, where your pup can stand safely and comfortably and the overhead grooming arm is adjustable with two loops to keep Fido secure as you make them look their best, however long the grooming session.

You can store all your grooming essentials in the handy mesh tray underneath and the whole thing can be folded away for convenient storage.


  • Storage basket
  • Ideal for professional dog groomers and home use
  • Maximum weight 100kg


  • Some customers think the arm could be a bit higher.

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Pedigroom professional electric dog pet grooming table

These professional electric dog grooming tables have been designed more for salon use; a simple foot pedal adjusts the height of the table electronically from its lowest height of 10 inches – 40 inches.

The large surface remains perfectly stable throughout, which means you can place the pooch on the table then raise it to the ideal height instead of lifting them.

There is an adjustable double-pointed arm made from rust-free stainless steel with two slings to keep Fido correctly positioned during grooming.

This professional electric dog grooming table also has four lockable wheels, so it can be easily moved around the salon to suit your needs.


  • Professional quality
  • Made from durable materials
  • Perfect for different sized dogs


  • Some reviews mention the nooses may be a bit flimsy.

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AllRight Adjustable Dog Grooming Folding Pet Table

Another folding dog grooming table to make our top dog grooming tables list; this one is excellent value for money and is perfect for home groomers.

The aluminium frame is sturdy, easy to assemble and stable and the waterproof, non-slip rubber table top is easy to keep clean. Like most grooming tables, it comes with a fully adjustable grooming arm and nooses to keep your canine companion safely restrained.

It can handle weights of up to 100 kgs, but as the top measures 32 x 18 inches, we would say it’s best suited to small to medium-sized dogs.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable table height
  • Ideal for smaller dogs


  • Some dog owners find the table a bit low

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Anself Adjustable Hydraulic Bath Grooming Table for Dogs

If you are looking for heavy-duty hydraulic dog grooming tables, this one is a real winner. The powder-coated iron frame makes this very sturdy and it can easily handle dogs up to 130 lbs; just press the foot pedal until it reaches the correct height. Removes the need to lift heavier dogs.

The table is covered with non-slip rubber so your pup will feel secure and there is an adjustable grooming table arm with a noose for extra security.

Great for large breed dogs, this hydraulic dog grooming table is great for professional groomers, breeders with more than one dog, or giant breeds


  • Sturdy hydraulic dog grooming table
  • Perfect for big dogs
  • Reduces strain on back and shoulders


  • May be a bit heavy for home use

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Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets

We just love this dinky grooming table; at only 18 inches in diameter, it’s perfect for pampered Poms or showy Shih Tzus.

The rubber feet mean it can be placed on any surface and it revolves as you groom, meaning you can sit in one place and turn the dog as you need to. Like most dog grooming tables, it comes complete with an adjustable grooming arm and co-ordinating loop in either Blue, Black or Purple.

The anti-slip material keeps your furry friend steady on his feet and it’s easy to clean; simply wipe with a damp cloth after your session when it can be folded away and stored out of sight.


  • Looks great
  • Perfect for tiny dogs
  • Can be used on any flat surface


  • Not the cheapest option on the list

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

GRANDMA SHARK Foldable Pet Grooming Table (32″)

Grandma Shark do lots of grooming equipment popular with pet parents.

We like this portable grooming table because it offers more storage than some other dog grooming tables with a wire basket underneath the table and a handy caddy on the adjustable arm perfect for detangling spray, clippers, scissors etc. This one comes with two tethers to restrain your pup while grooming.

It can cope with a maximum weight of 100 KGs yet is easily packed up and stored away, making it ideal for mobile dog groomers and those who trim at home.


  • Storage Tray and caddy on grooming arm
  • Can be folded away after a grooming session
  • Anti-slip PU leather surface


  • Like many tables on this list, apart from the hydraulic and electric tables, some find it a bit low.

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Go Pet Club Pet Dog Grooming Table with Arm, 30-Inch.

Our last offering is a popular US brand; this Go Pet Club grooming table features sturdy goal post style legs with rubberised feet so they won’t slip or damage floors.

The table size is 32 x 18 inches and it comes with a 40 inch fully adjustable arm and grooming loop to hold your pet securely.

The static-free table top repels dirt and hairs and is easily cleaned; this Go Pet Club grooming table is easily assembled and can be packed away in minutes, making it a good grooming table for mobile groomers or those competing in shows.

It also comes in a bigger size for larger dogs


  • Non-slip table top
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Foldable dog grooming table


  • Some customers mention it’s pretty heavy

>> Check Price At Amazon <<

Types of Grooming Table

Who knew there were so many types of dog grooming tables? Let’s look at some of the main types and their features.

Standard Grooming Table

A standard grooming table like the Gravitis dog grooming table will usually be made with a stainless steel frame. Some are adjustable in height; most come with an adjustable grooming arm and some even have a tray for storage.

These are ideal for home use, travelling to shows where Fido may need a quick tidy up before entering the ring and mobile grooming businesses; they are usually the cheapest dog grooming tables.

Hydraulic Grooming Table

Some of the best dog grooming tables are the hydraulic ones; these are usually really heavy-duty and can be found in stores and salons Usually foot-pump activated, they are fantastic for big dogs who can’t be lifted onto a regular table.

Not only do they save your back and shoulders, but they are also suitable for elderly pooches and those who have joint problems as they can be lifted into position and supported by the grooming loops.

If you have a few large long-coated dogs at home, a hydraulic grooming table may be a good investment, but they can cost a few hundred pounds, so dog owners do not widely use them at home.

Electric Grooming Table

The Ferrari’s of grooming tables and most often used by professional pet groomers, an electric grooming table is the most expensive option. Controlled by either a pedal or remote control, these tables can go as low as 8 inches from the ground enabling dogs to walk onto the platform before it rises in one smooth operation to the correct height.

Ideal for the professional groomer who deals with dogs of all shapes and sizes but a bit pricey for most pet parents.

What Size Should a Grooming Table Be?

The best grooming tables should be large enough for your canine companion to stand or recline comfortably but not so large that they can move too much, or they may be tempted to jump off.

When researching this guide, the most common sizes we found were around 18 -24 inches wide and 30 to 48 inches in length. while the bigger ones say they can handle hefty hounds up to 200 LB’s I wouldn’t fancy lifting a German Shepherd up, so I would always recommend a hydraulic or electric dog grooming table for large breeds

A toy-breed dog grooming table like the Masterpet one on our list is usually round; it rotates as you groom, and the non-slip base can be placed on any suitable surface.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dog Grooming Table

As you can see, there are dozens of options when it comes to grooming tables for dogs; here are 5 things to consider before parting with your cash!

1.How big is your dog?

Although a portable dog grooming table may hold a dog weighing 200 LB’s I wouldn’t fancy lifting a Giant Schnauzer or Newfoundland onto one of these, so an electric or hydraulic table may be your best option if you have a large or giant breed. Alternatively, there is no point paying hundreds of pounds for a huge table full of bells and whistles if you have a Pappillon who gets a bath and trim every few months.

2.Your dog’s weight

As above, you want a table that fits your dog’s requirements; most regular dog grooming tables will accommodate small to medium dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers and Spaniels, but if you have a hefty hound, you may well require something sturdier.


Grooming your pup can take a while, so the last thing you want when you finish is to spend ages cleaning up. The best dog grooming tables are easy to clean with a damp cloth and disinfectant. You want a static-free surface that doesn’t attract hairs and dirt and any metal parts should be made from rust-free material as there will undoubtedly be some water splashed around.


Many tables are adjustable, and if you have one dog which you are grooming at home, this may not be an issue. Still, professional grooming salons that deal with dogs of all shapes and sizes are definitely going to need a table that can cope with different breeds.

For larger dogs, you may need to invest in an electric or hydraulic table as these can lower right down to the ground and once Fido has stepped onto the platform, can be raised to the correct height.


The most important thing to look for when buying anything for your four-legged friend is safety; always make sure the grooming table is stable and has a strong frame made from stainless steel or other robust metal. Check there are no missing pieces or sharp edges that could injure your dog and for portable tables, make sure they are fully locked into position before use.


Most dog grooming tables come with a grooming arm and either one or two nooses; these slip over the dog’s head and haunches to hold them in the correct position for you to groom them, so you have both hands free to get on with the job.

7 Tips on How to Deal with Nervous Dogs on a Grooming Table

There may be several reasons a dog acts up on a grooming table; they may not be used to the grooming process or nervous about the noisy equipment; however, following these 7 tips will make grooming sessions much easier.

  1. Get Fido used to the table let him sniff around the area, so he knows there’s nothing to be scared of
  2. Place your pup on the table for a few seconds with lots of praise and a treat or two.
  3. Get them used to the restraints and nooses; once again, use lots of positive reinforcement if they remain calm.
  4. Run your hands over the dog’s body; this not only gives them comfort but gets them used to you lifting their legs etc.
  5. Turn on some equipment, i.e. the dryer, without using it, once again, use lots of praise if they relax on the table.
  6. Have everything to hand, minimise the time spent on the table by drying and grooming efficiently
  7. Start them young; if you own a breed that is going to need to be groomed either by yourself or a professional, get them used to the process as early as possible it may take a bit of patience, but it is worth it.

How to Get Large Dogs onto a Grooming Table

It can be quite difficult to get large dogs onto a grooming table. I, for one, wouldn’t fancy lifting a Golden Retriever. which is why hydraulic or electric tables are a fantastic option for bigger breeds as they can be lowered for Fido to step onto then lifted to the right height.

This can be a bit daunting for some dogs, so get them used to this when they are young, lower the table and encourage your pup onto the table with lots of praise and treats, then get them to lie down before raising the table slowly. Keep sessions short and in no time, they will hop onto the table happily.

If you have a low table, you could invest in a dog ramp or pet stairs

What Other Dog Grooming Equipment Do you Need


You will need a pair of dog scissors for any grooming session so you can finish off neatly trim the face area paws etc.; there are a few different types to choose from; curved scissors are handy for shaping and creating a round finish around the head, thinning scissors are used to blend the fur and you can also get small scissors for the face. All of these should have rounded ends to prevent injury.


If you have a long-haired or fluffy dog, you may need to invest in some top-quality clippers. Once again, there are plenty of options online, corded and cordless. Most come with extra attachments, combs and scissors so you can achieve the best finish. Using clippers the first time can be a bit daunting, but with practice, you’ll soon be preening your pup to perfection.

Nail trimmers

You may need to trim Fido’s nails during a grooming session, so nail trimmers are another important piece of dog grooming equipment; they should always have a nail guard, so you do not accidentally cut the quick There are lots to choose from online and they don’t cost the earth.


A doggy hair dryer or blaster cuts down the time spent drying your pooch after a bath; if your furry friend has a thick or long coat or you are a professional groomer, you may want to invest in a dog blaster; these can dry your pup in minutes and are much safer than human dryers which are too hot for a dog’s sensitive skin.

Grooming Brush/Comb

The most essential piece of kit for any dog groomer is a brush or comb; even if you don’t give your dog a full groom at home, they still need regular brushing to remove loose hair, dirt and prevent matting. Even if you have a short-coated breed, the time spent brushing their fur helps build a bond, improves their circulation and helps distribute natural oils throughout the coat, making it look shiny and healthy.

Conditioning Spray

If you have a dog with a long coat that is easily tangled, you are going to need conditioning spray so that you can comb through the hair without tugging on knots. The best way to use this is to spray on before drying, then use a slicker brush to smooth the coat. Some breeds like terriers and wire hair dogs shouldn’t be conditioned as it affects the appearance of their fur.


Do I really need a grooming table?

Not necessarily; if you have a small dog, you could buy a dog grooming arm and groom them on any flat surface, but if you are going to be grooming regularly or have a large breed, a dog grooming table makes the whole process much easier and safer.

Should I buy an electric or hydraulic grooming table?

There is no need to spend money on an electric or hydraulic table if you have a small to medium-sized breed, but if you are a professional pet groomer or have a large dog, they could be a great choice as they allow a dog to walk onto the table before it raises so no need to lift portly pooches and they help prevent shoulder and back strain which is common in dog groomers.

How much does a grooming table cost?

Prices vary and it depends which kind of dog grooming table you choose a standard option can be picked up from around £50 upwards, hydraulic tables are more expensive and are usually a few hundred pounds whilst electric ones cost even more and a good one can cost upwards of a £1000

Conclusion and Top Pick

A professional grooming table needn’t cost the earth; it depends on your needs; if you have a smallish breed, a standard table will do just fine as long as it is sturdy and well made. Always look for one that comes with a grooming arm. The one that topped our dog grooming table reviews was the SHELANDY Professional pet Grooming Table this portable grooming table has 2 loops to hold your dog securely, a waterproof non-slip table top and can be folded away when not in use.

We also loved the Master Equipment option for tiny breeds; it’s so cute. The electric and hydraulic tables are more suited to grooming salons, professional groomers and those with large dogs with a dedicated grooming space.

Whichever dog grooming table you choose, always read the reviews first and buy the best quality you can afford. After all, the safety and comfort of your pup is the number one priority.

Donna Hepburn

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I had a collar making business for over 10 years and am involved with several doggy charities. I currently live in the northeast and when I am not writing about dogs I enjoy, travelling, cooking and reading.

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